Dec 17 2007

Menu for Dec. 17-18



This is another short week for us. Weather permitting, we’ll be making the trek home on Wednesday to see family for Christmas.

We’ll be traveling from the 19th-25th (we have to drive back to Pittsburgh on Christmas Day, can you believe that? DH has to work on the 26th. Arg.)

I know it’s a busy time for us all, but I will have scheduled posts run each day I’m out of town, in case you want to stop by.

Now, to the short menu:

We’ll be trying a new recipe for slow-cooker chicken and noodles.

Some of the reviewers have mentioned the as-is recipe is a little bland, so I’ll be adjusting it a little.

* 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves ($6.49/bag of six pieces at Aldi, so $4.33 for this recipe)

* 6 cups water I’ll use chicken broth and bullion instead (.39 per can at Aldi and I have 3. The bullion I might have to add won’t cost more than a few cents, so let’s call it $1.20)

* 1 onion, chopped ($0.15)
* 2 stalks celery, chopped (optional) I don’t have any $0
* salt and pepper to taste (and I will add some garlic and some ‘chicken seasoning’ $0–cost is minimal

* 1 (12 ounce) package frozen egg noodles (I don’t have the frozen variety; I have the dried. I will boil the noodles in some chicken broth pulled from the crockpot before serving. This will give the noodles extra flavor)(package of egg noodles cost .69 at Aldi)

Total: $6.37

We’ll eat this (and hopefully some fresh baked bread) on Monday and Tuesday. I might add a twice-baked potato for each of us ($0.30) one day, and cook some canned corn (.39) on the other day, to add to the meal.

We’ll also eat whatever perishable items are still in the refrigerator.

So, this week it will cost about $7.06.

If you’re interested in learning more about calculating your recipe costs, visit my post explaining it and try out my recipe cost calculator.

Be sure to visit Laura at orgjunkie for more menus.

Dec 10 2007

$15.57 Menu for the week of Dec. 10



This was another menu I quickly threw together. I only went to Aldi this week, and I’ve saved tons of time by doing so.

One thing I really want to push on y’all is to calculate the cost of your menus. Figure it out (it’s simple) and see in real dollars how much you’re saving by making frugal menu decisions and avoiding take-out.

I have a post detailing how you can figure a recipe’s cost, and I also have a nifty recipe cost calculator tool on my site that you can try.

Please give it a go, and if you blog about your recipe’s costs–let me know!

MondaySplit pea soup (love this stuff!) $2.62

Tuesday– Cheese quesadillas (Tortillas are $0.09 each and I’ll use 4, so $0.36; will use about $1.50 worth of shredded cheese, maybe $0.50 worth of salsa), refried beans ($0.49 can) Total: $2.85

Wednesday – Baked chicken ($1.08 per chicken breast at Aldi, using 2, so $2.16, can of corn $0.39, twice-baked potato [$0.30 (yes, I still have tons of servings left from that huge batch)] Total: $2.85

Thursday – Whiting fillets (either steamed, grilled, or baked…haven’t decided)($0.49 per fillet, using 2 = $1), cooked spinach (made from leftover spinach from fresh bag; about $1 worth), ranch & bacon pasta salad ($0.99 box kit) Total: $3

Friday – Aldi’s frozen pizza with some additional pepperoni ($1.99 for the pizza; maybe $0.20 worth of more pepperoni from their “pillow pack pepperoni”) Total: $2.20

Total cost for dinners and lunches (since leftovers make the lunches for the next day: $13.52

Also, this week, I’ll be making banana pineapple bread (hat tip to Mrs. Nichole Jordan) and I’ll be using my bread machine for the first time to make a loaf or two there, as well.

The banana pineapple bread will cost a little more than $2.05 (I didn’t figure the costs of the tiny bits of spice. But the flour is about $0.15 (a nickel a cup); the eggs are about a quarter; .34 for the sugar; .62 for the bananas; and .69 for the pineapple)

I haven’t yet selected a recipe to use for my bread machine, but I’ll be sure to blog about it when I do.

Total including banana pineapple bread: $15.57

P.S., this menu feeds just my husband and I.

For more menus, visit Orgjunkie.

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