Nov 29 2007

Exercise…it could save your life!


Being healthy and physically fit absolutely fits in with a frugal lifestyle. Maintaining your health means fewer doctor’s visits, prescriptions, problems, and a longer life.

That said, I am horrible at fitting exercise into my daily life.

I was a runner in high school and on the track and cross-country teams. I worked out 2-3 hours per day, and lifted weights at least once per week. For awhile, I even took a weight training class as a part of my school day.

I could run for hours, could almost bench press my body weight, and I felt great.

I was in the best shape of my life and I’m letting that go tumbling down a jagged, flaming hill of health problems and misery.

I’ve gained maybe 10-15 pounds since my running days and I’m still nowhere near being classified as “overweight,” yet I’m quite unhealthy.

My resting pulse is high, I have little energy, I have trouble sleeping, and I’m just generally on the path to health problems on down the road.

Time to step it up. Right now.

I need to start slow. If I don’t, I’ll get discouraged or injured. But I absolutely need to fit exercise into my daily life and I’m blogging about this for accountability.

I have a Pilates DVD that I really love. I bought it for about $10 on Amazon and I really enjoy the 30-minute workout. I just need to push “Play” and actually do it, ya know?

Also, my apartment complex has a workout room that residents can use at no additional cost.

“Excuse me? Kacie? You silly goose, you have access to a free workout room and you don’t use it?” you’re probably saying to yourself.

Yeah, I know. It’s absurd. I’m already paying for access to this workout room (it’s included in my rent somehow).

The gym isn’t fancy–just a treadmill, stationary bike, and some weight machines. Still, it’s enough to work up a sweat.

Oh, and there’s a TV in the workout room. With cable. Quite an incentive for someone who has over-the-airwaves TV, ya know?

I don’t want to start running outside again. My body is in no state to handle that right now–it would be disastrous. Plus, I’m not even sure if I like running anymore.

I’d like to know a few things:-What do you do for exercise?

-How do you stay motivated? 

Hey! I'm Kacie, wife and mother of 3. I write about my family's finance: how we save money, improve our spending, and plan for the future.

I hope I can inspire and encourage you to improve your situation. See disclosure.

I'm adopting a much slower-paced posting schedule, and treating this as a hobby blog now.

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