Dec 14 2007

Free magazine subscription


Click on over to iMommies to find out where to sign up for a free 1-year, 4-issue subscription to The National Geographic Society’s new magazine, The Green Guide.

You’ll have the option for them to mail you your subscription, but you can also have an e-subscription–so you can just download it and view it (saves paper!).

I just subscribed, and I expect the first issue will be ready for viewing in March.

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Dec 07 2007

Homemade board games


Speaking of board game fun, why not make your own board game?

You can take an old Monopoly (or whatever!) board, and turn it into something of your own. Make your own rules, tape down new landing spaces…whatever you want.

If you don’t want to completely invent a new game, you can make your own Mancala set for really cheap.

I learned how to play this game in middle school, and it’s a fun two-player game.

Here’s a picture of a purchased game, complete with glass tokens.

You can make your own version using an old, clean egg carton and your own markers, such as pebbles, pennies, or other small bits.

Click here for Mancala rules.


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