Nov 17 2011

3 weeks into my diet

I am 3 weeks into my diet — avoiding wheat, gluten, soy, eggs, dairy, and baker’s yeast. I can start to reintroduce foods very soon. My next appointment is on the 28th, so about a week and a half and I can start adding things back.

Butter, cheese, and eggs are the foods I miss the most. Eggs are in so many foods, and if I could use eggs I could bake with coconut flour much easier. I have an egg substitute but it’s just not the same. Butter, because mmm butter. A baked potato without butter and sour cream is just sad. Oh, and sour cream. Miss that for atop potatoes or tacos. Cheese was always a yummy snack and topping for so much. Arg!

I don’t really miss drinking cow’s milk though. I used to guzzle the stuff by the gallon, but lately it just does not sound appealing to me. I accidentally had a sip of some (and spit it out!) and it just tasted really bad to me. Almond milk took a little adjustment, but I like it now (certain brands, anyway).

I have absolutely lost weight, though I don’t know how much since I don’t have a scale. My jeans that fit fairly recently are now falling off of me. I’m fitting into jeans that I thought I’d never wear again — tiny pre-Johnny jeans. What! I am not in a place where I need to lose weight right now, so I’m trying to make sure I eat enough though it’s pretty hard given my limitations. I do not feel hungry, though. My sugar cravings are gone.

I’m eating a lot of meat and veggies. Thankfully, I can still have other grains and starches, so I’ve enjoyed rice, quinoa and corn-based things such as tortillas.

The fake substitutes of things don’t do much for my palate. I do not like the fake safe cheeses such as Daiya. Don’t like the “safe” bread I tried, which was based on tapioca flour (and I forget what else is in it). Just…ugh. If I can’t have the real thing, then I don’t want a fake alternative.

What I’ve noticed most is how I perceive flavor. I’m a little concerned that I went and broke my tastebuds. Things don’t taste amazing anymore. I used to make some of my favorite comfort foods (or buy them at a restaurant) and just think “wow this is the yummiest thing ever.” Lately, nothing tastes delicious. Things are edible, sure, but nothing to write home about.

Maybe I just have a sweet tooth and dessert-type things will do the trick for me. Maybe when I can have chocolate again it’ll be all better. Or maybe a big steaming bowl of Panera mac & cheese and some french onion soup (previously my favorites!).

Or MAYBE I need to go on a fancy cruise again. Everything on our Holland America cruise was delicious.

Not sure what is up with all that.

Next week is Thanksgiving and that’s kind of a bummer since I won’t officially be off my diet yet. I suppose I could cheat a little but why undo all of my progress if I don’t have to? I’ll be able to eat plenty of meat, any strictly veggie sides (though honestly if there’s a little butter in something I might eat it anyway), and I’ll make some side dishes that I can eat, so I can load up on those things if I’m left with few other options. And probably take a bunch of LARABARS in the van just in case. I’m going to check with the nutritionist to see what she thinks about me cheating just a little. heh.

Let’s end this update on a good note. I do feel different and better for making these dietary changes. I absolutely think this whole thing was worthwhile. Most of the time, I’m totally fine with what I can eat. It’s just…Thanksgiving is a big day of dairy and wheat and eggs and all the stuff I can’t have, and bummer! And restaurants are really, really hard. I thought I could eat a salad at Wendy’s. It had pecans, so…safe, right? YEAH until they went and ruined them by putting all kinds of stuff in their coating, including 3 things I wasn’t allowed to have. Jerks.

Nov 10 2011

Moving down in diaper sizes (?)

I didn’t know this was possible, but I’ve moved Vivienne down two diaper sizes! She is now in a 4. It is a big snug and the sides of it are questionable on her. Probably will have to go back to 5s soon. But my goodness, you get so many more diapers in the smaller sizes than you do for the 6s! She really did stretch out. I don’t think she lost weight, but I do think there was a bit of weight redistribution.

There was a time when I tried to squeeze her into some of her size 18m khaki pants. Could barely get them past her thighs and when she was in them, they were so tight she couldn’t bend or sit. Now, they fit her fine. Glad I held onto them.

We were in Bloomington on Sunday for a little while, and on the way back Shane stopped at CVS to pick up a snack. We waiting in the car for him. Johnny wondered what he was buying.

“Maybe he’s getting….a……banana? NOoooooooooo. Maybe it’s a…….cheeseburger?? NOOOOOOOO!! Maybe it’s a…………… WATER TOWER!??!?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe it’s a ….RACE CAR? Nooo!!!! Maybe he’s getting….a HOUSE!!!? Nooooooo! Maybe he’s getting TWO HOUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He just kept getting sillier and more hysterical with each new thing he’d come up with, and he was cracking himself up at the absurdity of his dad getting any of those things at CVS. The silliness of him getting a house at CVS was almost too funny for him to even say, but then TWO HOUSES would be double the silliness, so that’s what he went with. Haha! Love that little goober.

Oh, as for what he really bought? Prunes. EXCITING DRIED PLUMS!!!!!!!!!!

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Nov 08 2011

First steps, ish!

Today Vivienne has been standing on her own a lot more, by her own choice. Previously, I’d put her in a stand and if she was distracted by something, she’d hold it there for a few moments. Once she realized she had just been standing there with nothing holding her up, she’d often sit down. Probably thought, “I’m just a baby!”

More likely, she didn’t want to fall down and get a bonk.

But today at a playdate (!), she stood a lot more while holding a toy with two hands so she could get a better look.

Tonight, she took 5-6 steps toward Shane. Yay!

She has taken a half or two steps before but it was not really intentional. I think she still prefers crawling because it’s so much faster and less dangerous for her, but I’m glad she is taking some steps.

She is 9 days away from being 11 months old, so this is roughly the same age that Johnny started to walk. I think he has her beat by a week or two. That’s ok, Vivie — just get potty-trained way sooner and we’ll call it fair. K? kthx.

Also in Vivie news, she likes to wave “hi” and sorta says it. If I say “hi!” she starts waving. It’s entertaining.

I know some people love the newborn stage, but truthfully that stage kicks my butt. I really enjoy toddlers. Keep it coming, baby girl!

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Nov 02 2011

My pill popping regimen

I’m taking a slew of pills lately to help my body heal and get the nutrients it needs. Here’s what I’ve got going on:

– Vitamin D supplement (my blood level was very low, and I expect I’ll need to make sure to supplement through winter and then maybe I can just use sunlight and my regular vitamin next summer?)
– A probiotic pill to restore healthy bacteria to my gut. Bacteria. Flora. Yummy.
– Cod liver oil. Flavored in strawberry. Um, strawberry-flavored fish isn’t tasty, but I gulp it down and chase it with water. When this bottle is out, I’ll look into getting the fermented cod liver stuff, since it’s supposed to be even better for you.
– A whole foods based multivitamin. I had recently run out of another whole foods vitamin made by New Chapter, but that one contained soy. This one is safe and is made from food rather than synthetically made. I don’t know if it’s hype, but it makes sense to me that a foods-based vitamin would be much easier absorbed by the body.
A calcium supplement that also contains magnesium, which is important. This stuff tastes decent, too. Don’t know if this was my best pick for a calcium supplement, but I like it.

Whoosh. In addition to that, I’m trying to make sure I drink plenty of water. Sometimes I forget. No good.

I’m also drinking tea, which has dandelion leaves, nettles, and burdock root. All are ok for breastfeeding mothers (of course, double-check me if you are nursing and want this tea) and they are supposed to help kidney function, clean the body, and just supply lots of good nutrients and stuff.

It hasn’t even been a full week with me avoiding my sensitive foods list (wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, baker’s yeast) and I’m already feeling different. Those foods really were screwing with me, and I had no idea! No digestive upset or anything tell-tale to suggest I had a food issue.

Getting off the refined sugars and wheat was trying, but once I got past the initial hurdle my cravings went away and I even sat by a bowl full of chocolate and wasn’t tempted to cheat.

My 30-days will be up near Thanksgiving and I might cheat just a little — maybe something that has cheese in it or something. I dunno. I also have time to come up with some recipes of Kacie-safe foods that are also appealing to other people.

I’m eating a lot of meat and fish, as well as produce. It’s helpful that I can still have other grains, so I’ve enjoyed gluten-free oats (soaked for better digestion) and quinoa and rice.

I’ve experienced a little bit of what I think is a “healing crisis” or Herxheimer Reaction, that is when you remove certain foods and your body is able to clean out and detox, sometimes your body is pushing those old toxins through your system faster than your body can eliminate them.

I’ve never to my knowledge had eczema, but I now have a rash on one of my hands. My skin is also pretty dry there, so it could be coincidence.

I’m going to keep up with my fluids and take it easy and hope it all clears up soon.

Oct 30 2011

I spoke too soon

So Vivienne was up last night around 2. She thought there was a party or something, because she was up and ready to play for 2.5 hours. Thanks, kid!

That’s what I get for telling people that she slept for a big long stretch. Probably had nothing to do with anything I did or didn’t do. Whateverrrr kthxbai

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