Mar 21 2009

3 months!

My little guy turned three months old on Friday!

Three months isn’t long, but when it’s your whole life, it probably feels longer. I’m guessing he is at least 12 pounds. I hold him and stand on our bathroom scale and then set him down and weigh myself again. Our scale isn’t the most sensitive thing, so it might be off.
He has grown out of a lot of his newborn clothes and some of his three-month items. We still have him in size 1 diapers (he’s been in those since 6 weeks, I think) but I expect that we’ll move him up a size soon.
He’s getting more alert and I just love it when he smiles at us. Still no big belly laughs, but he does a little chuckle grunt thing that’s sorta close to a laugh. 
He is sleeping better at night, though he still only sleeps four hours or so at a time. But, at night, he’ll nurse and then go right back to sleep so it isn’t bad at all. I’m so used to getting short bursts of sleep that I don’t know if I’m able to sleep longer anymore. Maybe I’ll get to try it out sometime.

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Feb 20 2009

2 months!

Jonathan is two months old today. Wheeeee! I took him to the pediatrician today. I guessed his length to be 22.5 inches and his weight to be 9 lbs. 6 oz.

His length was 22.75 inches and weight was 10 lbs. 6 oz.! He gained 3 lbs. 3 oz. in one month. That’s a 44 percent increase.

If my weight increased by 44 percent, I’d gain about 60 lbs.

I’m really proud of us both. My body has been sustaining him for what, 11 months now? Give or take.

He smiles at us more and when I stick my tongue out and make sounds, he smiles and tries to do it too.

His hair is getting longer and darker near the back, but it’s short on top. Looks like he’s going for that male-pattern baldness look. Or a mullet.

He got some vaccinations today. He hated that, of course. Whatever, little dude — a shot is better than getting polio or some nonsense.

To show my empathy, I went to the Walgreens “take care” clinic to finally get my flu shot. I had intended to get one while pregnant, but the midwife was out of them the day that I thought of it. Even though it’s late in the flu season, I can’t risk getting it since it would be really hard on my little bebe.

The shot felt like nothing. I used to whimper when I got shots. No more.

Oh, and congrats to my friends who have recently announced that they’re expecting! Lynn, Sally Ann and Ashley. Best wishes, y’all! I think they’re all due around the end of July/or August.

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Feb 13 2009

I feel like a human again!



I finally got my energy back! It’s been back for about a week now, actually. I wanted to wait and see if it would *stick* before blogging about it.

For those of you keeping score, that means that it took me seven weeks after my baby was born to really start feeling like a human again, instead of a robot.

Caring for a newborn 24/7 is exhausting, fyi. And, going from no kids to one kid is the biggest adjustment I’ve had to make to date. I’ve seen other bloggers say the same thing, and that gives me hope. Especially since some of them have 4-5 (or more!) kids.

No matter what you do to prepare, you can’t fully prepare for your life with a baby until you’re actually doing it.

Johnny is still nursing at least every 3 hours ’round the clock, and I’ve adjusted to that finally. I think there’s gotta be something hormonal going on, because if anyone other than a parent of a baby can sleep only 2-3 hours at a time and still function, they’d have a major sleep disorder.

It feels really good to be able to cook a meal, clean something, go out in public, put on normal-people clothes, etc. For the first six weeks, I pretty much lived in pjs or loungewear.

To his 3-day doctor’s visit, I wore the most ridiculous thing. You’d be embarrassed for me if you saw me. I was wearing black velour lounge pants, a green and black-striped tank, a robe-like tan sweater, and black snow boots. Oh.My.Gosh, ridic. I was semi-aware of my fashion crimes, but I didn’t care. It was cold out and I had just given birth.

Part of the adjustment period, no doubt, is for the new mommy to get used to her hormonal changes (major!), sleep deprivation, and caring for her baby. But also, I think the baby grows a ton during the first few weeks. By 6-8 weeks old, he’s a bit more mature and slightly less needy.

For example, Jonathan now has pretty good head control. It’s easier to hold him with one arm. When he was first born, his little bobblehead meant he could barely sit in his car seat without tipping forward.

So yeah, things are pretty good now. Oh, and the fact that he smiles at me really helps :)

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Feb 11 2009

A NIP experience

The temperatures are in the upper 50s here (temporarily) and I just had to get out of the house. Johnny and I went shopping. First, we went to a little mall because there used to be an Old Navy there. It’s gone. Dang. There was a Marshall’s nearby so I thought I’d peek inside. I saw some clothes I wanted to try on, but Johnny would have none of that. He was throwing quite a fit! He’d only calm down a little if I kept moving, but I can’t exactly be in constant motion and look at clothes, so I left.

I snapped him back in his car seat and headed to Target. I was hoping the car ride over there would calm him down and maybe even lull him to sleep. It sorta worked.

We were at Target for all of 5 minutes before he started freaking out again. I was in the shoe section, so I sat down on one of those try-on-shoes-here seats. I thought maybe he wanted to nurse, even though I had fed him right before we left.

(By the way, did you know that babies also nurse for comfort, instead of just for food? I didn’t until recently. That’s one thing you can’t get from a bottle. Johnny will not take a pacifier anymore (he did, briefly) so if I want to feed him or comfort him, I have to nurse.)

There was nobody around and I felt fairly at ease. I got out my nursing cover to use while I got him latched on, and since it was pretty durn hot in the store, I ditched it once he got going and I made sure all of my skin was covered by my clothing or him. I felt pretty inconspicuous, and just sat there taking a little break.

Out of nowhere, an employee pops over and tells me I can use the fitting rooms if I wanted. I smiled and told her, no thanks, I’m fine. She left me alone.

I think someone saw me and complained to the employee. Arg. Maybe she thought I would be more comfortable out of public sight, but honestly, we were fine. I was totally decent, and to a casual observer, I probably just looked like I was holding a sleepy baby.

Oh, busybodies.

After about 10 minutes sitting in the shoe section, I realized that I’d never get my shopping done if I kept on like that. I put him back in his sling and arranged things so he could continue to nurse, but I’d be able to have my hands free.

Slings are wonderful for nursing in public!! They hide the baby so well, and hold him in position without me needing to use my hands. Awesome.

One lady saw that I had a newborn and wanted to have a look. Before I could say anything, she was peeking in at him. I think she did realize that I was nursing at the same time, but she didn’t seem freaked out. She certainly couldn’t see any part of my body.

It is a bit nerve-wracking to nurse in public. I’m not worried about flashing anyone, since I have the technique down pretty good and I use a cover when I’m latching him on. The thing that makes me sort of uncomfortable is dealing with busybodies who might shoot me dirty looks, complain to someone, or otherwise give me a hard time.

In case they didn’t know — it’s abosolutely legal for me to feed my child in public. Yes, I do take care to feed my baby before we leave the apartment. Yes, I do try to be discreet. But, I will not feed him in a fitting room unless I happen to be trying on clothes at the same time. And don’t even think about suggesting I go to the restroom to nurse. I don’t eat in the bathroom; do you?

And no, I will not pump and feed him with a bottle. That’s extremely inconvenient for us. Why should I add to my workload so some random stranger won’t be uncomfortable?

So, I really hope nobody ever says anything rude to me. I’m sorry that it makes some people uncomfortable, but ya know what? They’re uncomfortable because in their minds, breasts are sexual. In actually, breasts are for feeding babies. Deal with it, pervs.

A few weeks ago, I spotted a new mom nursing her tiny baby on a bench at Sam’s Club. I so wanted to catch her eye and give her a thumbs up or a big smile or something. She looked really uneasy and saw me, but didn’t maintain eye contact long enough for me to respond.

Maybe next time.

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Jan 21 2009

1-month dr. appointment and stuff

Jonathan weighs 7 lbs. 5 oz.! That’s exactly one pound more than he weighed at birth. Of course, he lost weight after birth, and was up to 6 lbs. 2 oz. on his 10th day of life. If I can do math, that means that he has gained 19 oz. in three weeks. That’s only slightly under the one-ounce-per-day growth pattern. ROCK AND ROLL!!!!

I knew that he had gained some weight since he really is starting to look and feel bigger. His newborn-sized clothes are fitting much better, and I dare say that within two weeks, he won’t be in them at all!

His length is 20.5 inches, maybe. He wiggled so much during that measurement that it could definitely be off.

His head is 37cm in circumference. At birth, it was 34.5 cm. Lol.

When the dr. needed to look into his mouth, I said, “Say ‘ahhh!'” and he did. I did that twice, and so did he. Smarty. The dr. noticed and thought it was cute.
He had a hepatitis shot today. As the nurse jabbed the needle into his thigh, he let out a major poop! With such gusto, too. Startled the poop right out of him, she did. He cried for a second after, but he seemed to be ok enough.

After that doctor visit, we headed down the road to Sam’s Club and Target. I had a coupon for a $25 gift certificate when joining Sam’s. I also had a $30 Walmart gift card (you can use them at Sam’s, too), which I put toward the $40 membership. Not a bad deal, ya know? I’m not too familiar with Sam’s, but I do know that there are some deals to be had there. We’ll see how it goes.

I picked up some toilet paper, some bottled water, and a box of pigs in a blanket. I was hoping for a lot of free samples in the store, but today they just had a Dixie cup of water from a Brita pitcher and an eclair. I was thankful for both.

So, apparently if you want random people in Pittsburgh to talk to you, you just have to have a baby! OH. People rarely started conversations or said hi to me pre-Johnny. Today at Sam’s, several people talked to me about my baby, commented on my sling, or told me that the TGIFriday’s green bean fries were pretty good. It was nice to have that interaction with folks.

Next, we went to Target. I bought some nursing tanks, and I really hope they fit ok since I didn’t bother to try them on in the store.

Johnny didn’t seem to mind being out at all. He was hungry at the doctor’s office, so I fed him in the waiting room and in the exam room. No biggie. He fell asleep and stayed that way while we were shopping.

I haven’t had the need to nurse in public yet, but I’m starting to feel more confident about doing that. More on nursing in an upcoming post.

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