Mar 30 2014

Amelia is 6 months!

This has been the fastest six months ever. I’m amazed!

She didn’t have a checkup this month, because we are getting her shots at the health department, and because she is growing so well. Also, the doc said he feels like I know what I’m doing. Thanks, doc! We’ll be back for a checkup at 8-9 months.

So my measurements might be a little off, but the bathroom scale says she is 22 lbs. and 28″ long. That’s 1.5 lbs. bigger than Viv and 4 lbs. bigger than Jon at that age. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. She is a giant!

Size 4 disposables. Size 9-24m clothes, lol, depending on brand.

Her hair is a little bit lighter than it was at birth, a light brown.

She finally figured out how to roll from her belly to back and she thinks it is so fun to scoot herself around by walking her hands on the floor. I don’t want her crawlin yet! We need to get her a bell. She can sit unassisted for short periods but is a bit top heavy.

Haven’t started her on solids yet. Not in any hurry, but maybe later this month. Not looking forward to the poo.

We had a nasty stomach bug this week. First Johnny, then Vivie, then me. Vivie didn’t quite understand what to *do* when getting sick, so unfortunately the mess everywhere and on me pretty much guaranteed I was doomed. It was awful, and I lost a bit of weight though after a short time, I was able to keep fluids down and not get terribly dehydrated. I was worried about my milk supply but it seems to be ok. Also, Amelia didn’t get sick. Breastmilk is amazing.

Loves being worn in a baby carrier, but I couldn’t wear her the last two days because I was sick/weak. So sad :(

Amelia is the happiest, smiley-est, sweetest, squishiest baby. We love her so much!

*I typed this one-handed while she fell asleep while nursing. Love holding her. She is growing as we watch her sleep.

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