Feb 13 2014

Things I use with my 3rd child

Wanted to mention while I had a moment — there are a few things I have for Amelia that I didn’t use for the other two:

A Tula soft-structured baby carrier. They’re pricey, but I can see why. Very comfortable for mama and baby! I still have my Ergo, but I’m only using it as a backup. I will probably sell it soon to fund a standard Kinderpack. I borrowed a preschool KP from my babywearing lending library and I loved it so much for back carries (didn’t try front, as it was either Viv or Johnny and that’s too tricky).

I think I like the design for back carries a little better in the KP, and the hidden hood. I’ve tried back carries in the Tula and it’s fine, but I like how the KP adjusts better.

I tried a wrapsody hybrid stretchy wrap, against the advice of a babywearing friend. She was right. I should have just gotten a woven if I wanted to try a long wrap. I’m currently trying to sell that one, too.

At this moment, I’m wearing Amelia in a Babyhawk (mei tai) on the front. I tried her in a high back carry the other day while making dinner, and it worked but I got slobbered on, big time. Also, it was achy for me after not long. I tried getting it as snug as I could, and I even re-tied it but no luck. I’ll hang onto the Babyhawk for awhile but sell it, eventually too.

To help with the drool, I bought some custom drool pads from a mom’s shop on Etsy. They’re reversible print and have little ribbon loops on them. So handy! I just velcro one over the carrier straps and Amelia knows just what to do.

I’ve also purchased a nursing necklace, just a wood bead thing. Has a wooden circle, and wood beads and some beads have crochet yarn on it. Cute and she holds onto it just like she’s supposed to, rather than pinch me. Heh.

I’m trying to sell off some of the baby stuff that Amelia has outgrown — small cloth diapers, those carriers, etc. She also has a LOT of outgrown clothing. I’m going to hold onto some of it to hand over to relatives/friends, and donate or consign the rest.

Let’s just say that preeclampsia three times is plenty, and I don’t know that I want to risk it again. If we change our minds, well, I’ll just get more baby clothes.

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