Feb 13 2014

Millie-Moo at 4.5 months

Vivienne still likes calling her baby sister “Millie-Moo” so here’s her update:

I took her to the doctor at roughly 4.5 months for her well-baby visit. She was quite large, at 19 lbs. 7 oz. Her weight was way off the chart. Length was 25.75″ long. Growing so well! I’m really impressed with her size. She is a substantial baby for sure, but I miss the itty bitty version of her.

Milestones: She rolls from back to belly, from both directions. Sometimes she gets stuck laying on top of her arm and needs help. She hasn’t figured out how to roll from belly to back yet, and I think she’ll be less frustrated with life when that happens :).

She has such a cheerful temperament. Smiles for everyone and is just generally a happy little thing.

Naps only in a carrier or in arms. Whoops. Oh well, I’ll miss it when that doesn’t happen anymore.

She sleeps decently, waking a few times per night but settling quickly.

In size 6-12m clothing, depending on the brand. The 6s are a squeeze, and some 12m are a little loose. Most of the time, I have her in a warm sleeper at home instead of lighter-weight clothing. It has been a cold winter.

She’s got a lot of drool these days but I expect no teeth for a long time. Her spitting up has reduced a lot, though she still does it.

She likes to put things in her mouth — toys, fingers, washcloths, whatever she can get in her hands.

Johnny and Vivie continue to just love their baby sister to bits! They are gentle and playful with her. Amelia grabbed hold of Vivienne’s hair because she got too close, and I was impressed with Vivie for not lashing out, but just calling for help and holding still. If it were Johnny holding onto Vivie’s hair, you can bet she’d take him down.

K they are wanting lunch. Gotta go.

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