Sep 14 2013

Preeclampsia lurking once again

Well stink. It looks like I’m on the path to preeclampsia once again. I was so hoping to avoid it this time, but I guess it’s just not how I do the end of pregnancy :(.

I’m now 36 weeks pregnant with baby #3. She has been measuring right on according to fundal height this time, which is awesome since Johnny and Vivie both measured way small and there was concern over that. My blood glucose test was good at my checkups.

All of the things that didn’t go so well with my other two were cooperating this time, so I had my hopes up that maybe, just maybe, this was on track to be a normal pregnancy.

And then last Wednesday I had a regular prenatal appointment and I just felt sort of off. My weight was up 3 lbs. in 6 days which is sorta questionable. My BP at the office was fine — 122/75 or 80. No swelling and no protein in that day’s cup. I also met with the nurse practitioner since my OB wasn’t available (that’s only the second time that has happened, go figure). The NP wasn’t concerned.

After that appointment, and by the time the evening rolled around I decided I would call in the morning to leave a message for the OB about the weight gain and feeling off anyway.

Turned out, I didn’t need to do that, because I was getting some scary readings on my home blood pressure cuff starting around 10 p.m. These weren’t questionable like some of the 130s/89ish that I’ve had occasionally in recent weeks. These were more in the 148s/103 no ambiguity call it in and go to labor & delivery readings. Great.

I called my grandma (5 minutes away!) and she “happened” to be up reading. Hooray! She got down here pretty fast, and my mom also made the drive down and stayed the night and spent the day here, too. The kids were sound asleep, which was perfect. Shane and I headed into L&D and I was monitored.

My BPs were all over the place there. Some were worse, some were borderline ok, but for the most part they sucked. Not enough to have me stay — fortunately they did calm down on their own. They ran a full blood lab and urine lab, and we had to wait for those results before going home. All my labs were normal. We got home at 4 a.m.

So, I had an appointment with my OB later that morning around 11. My first BP at the office was 150/85. A trace of protein in the dip, though those can be fairly unreliable.

Waited/relaxed awhile, did some more BP readings and one was even 160/85. Danger! It did drop down before I left. I received a prescription for blood pressure medicine and the first of two steroid injections to help the baby’s lungs develop faster. I went back on Friday for the second shot and another BP check — this time with meds in my system and it was fine.

I’m going in on Monday for a non-stress test and another regular checkup. At that point, I hope it will be more clear what the plan is.

There’s a study that applies to my situation, and it says when there’s gestational hypertension, it’s best to induce at 37 weeks. That’s Friday the 20th for me. I hope I can stay safely pregnant that long, and at that point I do want to induce. It isn’t good for me or my baby to keep this going much longer — I am not going to get better until she is born, and she could really start being affected by this, too.

I am sick. I feel really lousy on these meds, and I feel really really lousy off them. I can’t really do much at home now. I tried unloading the dishwasher this morning not long after I took my medication and that was a mistake. Had to sit down for awhile and got to it later. I’ve been taking it easy all day, and managed a big afternoon nap while Shane took the kids to the park for 3 hours. Went to lunch with my grandma, and that was lovely.

It’s amazing to me just how fast this stuff can set in. You seriously can go from healthy blood pressures to dangerous levels in a few hours. Part of me wonders if I had some spikes like this with my other pregnancies, but just never caught them. I didn’t have a home blood pressure cuff with the others.

I don’t have the official preeclampsia diagnosis at this point, since the last labs that I’ve had haven’t been crazy with protein (preeclampsia is high blood pressure PLUS the presence of a certain threshold of protein in the urine, indicating kidney trouble). But even high blood pressure can be so dangerous for me and my baby.

So now, we wait. Wait and watch and my appointment Monday will be here soon, and if I feel like I need to go to get checked out ahead of that, I will.

I sort of expected this to happen, given my history. I just really hoped I would already be past that 37 week mark, or better yet already in labor like I was with the other kids. This waiting and watching thing stinks.

It’ll be baby time soon. I still need to pack my hospital bags and get some of those other to-dos accomplished. The bag is probably a top priority, I guess.




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  1. Aww, Kacie, I was sorry to hear that you have to go through this again. I applaud you for being on the ball and proactive. It is hard enough to be pregnant with two active children without the sickness and worry, too.

    I will be saying a prayer that you make it to the 20th without concern! I have induced twice at 37 weeks with no problems.

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