May 08 2012

Is this a secret blog? Anyone out there?

Does anyone read here? I dunno. I took this page off my navigation bar on my main blog, and now I can’t add it back. So now, this is my SECRET blog and I can tell you secrets.

Between you and me, I’m just not motivated to do much blogging these days. I’ve written on my main blog for 4.5 years and part of me just doesn’t care about the money topic anymore. Part of me wants to keep on going, because I know a few people have really benefited. Part of me has moved on, and I bet that’s obvious to long-time readers.

Blogging takes a lot of time, but it also takes a lot of my mental energy. So I’m easing up a bit on my main blog.

The income over there is drying up faster than nothin’ but in a way, it’s a blessing. I don’t need the money right now, though I did like it while it was there. It’s making less pressure on me to keep with it, so that’s positive.

I thought about starting another blog. The topic would be homeschooling. I’ve written a few posts to try to find my blogging voice in that niche, but so far it’s not really there.

That could be because I have really little kids and I’m not exactly homeschooling yet. Still, I’m not sending them to preschool so eventually we will have more things to write about.

I just don’t know if I want to blog about it or not. I don’t want to do an activity or read a book for the blog’s sake. I don’t want to construct our days based on creating blog content. I see that happening. I don’t know if I’m ready to put myself out there like that. I’m ready to tell you all about our money, but my own kids? I just feel more vulnerable with that.

I would like a log of our activities, photos and my thought process along the way but there’s nothing that says I need to publish it. I just don’t know of a medium that would be easy to update for me, but private.

I look at some preschool homeschool blogs and I’m overwhelmed. I am NOT an arts-and-crafts, lapbookin’, complicated lesson kinda gal. I don’t want this phase to be stressful. I want it to be fun. It’s supposed to be fun at this age.

So do I blog about it? What do I add to that online community? How would it benefit my family? I just don’t know.

Offer me some perspective, people of the internet who know about this personal blog of mine.

11 Responses to “Is this a secret blog? Anyone out there?”

  1. Woohoo! I read a secret blog!!!

    I would be interested in your homeschooling blog just to see what you were doing, because you’re my friend and I think you are cool and have cool ideas and have cute kids :-).

    The danger I think you would quickly find is that all of a sudden people would stumble across your blog and for some reason consider you an expert on homeschooling, even though you would freely admit you were not ;-). That’s one reason I stopped regularly personal blogging, because I had a lot of passions I wanted to blog about, but I got sick of being asked advice questions for things I had little to no experience on :-P. I think I’d had my personal blog for like 2 weeks before someone already wanted me to give my own opinions on courtship (because, you know, the opinions of a 21 year old who has never courted is really valid. . . ), and I got labeled a “natural birther” and “quiverful person” before I’d even managed to birth one baby (because I had mentioned. . . after requests from blog readers. . . that I was hoping for a natural birth) and before I’d been married like. . . 2 months, because we had a honeymoon baby.

    (At this point I’m rambling. But hey, it’s a secret blog, so it’s just you and me, right? 😉 )

    All that to say, I think a blog would be a great way for you to personally keep track of ideas and progress for homeschooling, and I’d love to read it as a friend looking mutually for ideas and encouragement, but just don’t be surprised if it ends up putting a lot of personal pressure on you to give advice that you may not even have the experience to give. That doesn’t mean your opinions are invalid, by the way; I’m merely talking about random online people who ask for advice as if this random blog they found is the expert guru on the topic of their blog :-).

    Does that make sense? I keep re-reading what I’m writing, and I can’t seem to get across that I am not saying you don’t have lots of great, wise, valid things to say and share. . . totally not trying to say that. . . I’m just talking about people who expect you to have the wisdom of 10 years homeschooling in your answers, even though you’ve cleared stated that you are a homeschool newbie.

  2. I read it too! but mostly cuz I like to keep up with your life. However, I think since facebook has started less people blog to share what’s going on, Also, once you start having kids you have a lot less time for blogging. I have a hard time keeping up with my blog i use for payu2blog, and i rarely blog on my “personal” one.

    Seems I’ve discovered how to summarize an entire post in a few lines and call it a status update. :)

    So yah. no pressure, but I would read your blog. but if you don’t blog, there’s still facebook for me to stalk you on… i mean, keep up with all the cool things you do!

  3. I forgot I even had your “secret” blog in my reader until this post showed up :)

    I won’t presume to give you blogging advice (I closed down my finance blog when I found out I was pregnant and haven’t blogged on my personal blog for almost a year now!).

    I will say that I would love to continue reading about whatever topic you write about since we’re in similar places in our lives (I have a son and am about to have a daughter – they will be about 22 months apart) and our lifestyles seem similar. I hope you continue to blog in some capacity :) Good luck!

  4. Write what you are passionate about, that’s what makes it worth reading.

  5. I’ve been a super-blogging-slacker, too. Something about having a 1-year-old, buying a new business, and joining Facebook all in the space of a month has just zapped my desire to blog.

    I think I just haven’t slowed down to reflect, which is when I tend to want to blog. It’s sad.

  6. I still read both of your blogs, and have enjoyed the personal blog in the past. As someone who is considering starting a family in the nearish future (1-2 years? Who knows…), I enjoy reading about your family and kiddos to get an example of someone who’s a little ahead of me on the life timeline. I think homeschooling would be an interesting topic, and I would read your take on it even as a newbie. I loved reading your take on pregnancy and natural birth and motherhood as a newbie, and I think you do a great job with having a voice on your blogs that sounds knowledgeable and honest, without seeming like an expert or know-it-all. But, like others have mentioned, I’m your facebook friend, and real-life college friend, so I would keep up with you in whatever medium you choose to give updates through.

  7. I say blog about what makes you enjoy life. Don’t blog because you have to (on your personal blog at least) just blog about life – when you have time. I found myself doing “preschool” things because I felt I needed to blog about them – and then that takes the fun out doing “preschool” things. So, I went back to what I loved, taking pictures and posting them. Easy Peasy. That’s just my two cents . . . and yes, I’m still here reading!

  8. I don’t make any money from my blog, so I don’t have any advice in that way.

    I blog because I want to remember all the things our family has done and what I thought about things while they were happening, and to a lesser degree to keep my family and friends up to date on our happenings since I’m pretty bad at one on one communication!

    Personally, we don’t do a whole lot of crafts or anything for preschool. At least not yet. We play outside a lot. We go to parks and museums and restaurants. We ride the bus. These are the kinds of things we do day to day.

  9. Honestly, I would say it sounds like you’re ready to step away. Especially if you’re not putting your kids in school, they need your time more than a blog if you’re not enjoying it.

    If you want a log, you could always make a private blog or a scrapbook (digital or not) of what you’re doing!

  10. I check here from time to time, and after your post on your other day, I began to wonder if you’re expecting again, so thought I’d check this “secret” one!

    I’m excited to hear that you’re considering homeschooling. I’m a homeschool grad and am hoping to persuade my hubby that it’s the right thing for our kids, especially since I do have a degree in education.

    Just do what feels right for you and your family in this season of your life. Since you don’t rely on the income, spend more time with the kids while they are little. I wish our finances allowed for me to stay at home with my kids, though my in-laws are always here to watch them so I can’t complain (much…though I often do).

    I still have your other blog in my google reader as you do post great stuff and I enjoy reading and learning from it.

  11. Haha! No, not pregnant. I am looking forward to homeschooling, though I know it’s going to be a bigger challenge than I can even know right now.

    Thank you for your kind words about my blogs, Charlotte.

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