Nov 17 2011

I should stop griping

At least I can eat food. At least I can eat lots of yummy things (thank you, Trader Joe’s!!). At least I have access to safe, sanitary cooking conditions and nutritious foods, and I can afford to spend what it takes right now. I am really fortunate. Some people can’t eat at all and need to have their nutrition pumped in a feeding tube. Or some people don’t have enough money to buy basic nutritious foods.

So what that I can’t have pumpkin pie right now? Bummer, yes. But there are worse things and me whining isn’t so pleasant.

I’m looking at the Udi bread, btw, and it doesn’t look legal for me right now. Egg whites. Pooh. Also, the ingredient list just says “yeast” and I’m not sure which kind it is, but possibly baker’s, which I can’t have.


The nutritionist got back to me and told me there is a soy-free, dairy-free “butter” I can try and find by Earth Balance. Yeah! Not sure if they have it at Trader Joe’s, but I was *just* there so it will have to wait until I’m there again, unless I can find it somewhere else.

Also, she told me that if I did cheat, that would set me waaay back. I’d have to start all over. Not worth it! See, this is different from a weight-loss diet. You probably can cheat a little here and there for weight loss (maybe?). But I’m trying to heal my gut, and there’s a different process going on.

Oh, and she loaned me the GAPS book and I’m reading through it. I really don’t know if I can hack GAPS. I need grains! (Or do I?) Either way, the diet I’m currently on is at least a gradual step toward something more extreme, if need be.

5 Responses to “I should stop griping”

  1. You can do it! I know you can!

    Earth Balance is good — I use that when I’m trying to steer clear of all dairy — but there are ones with dairy, so check labels. And check out some recipes for dairy- and egg-free pumpkin pie. I make a dairy-free one with coconut milk, and perhaps if you use bananas or another binding agent like that, you could get the right consistency. And just ignore the crust — the filling is better anyway! — or just crush a bunch of pecans into the bottom of the pie plate with some of the Earth Balance. Tasty, I promise! There are so many adventurous cooks living without that just Googling recipes will result in a lot of possibilities.

  2. i hope the diet you are on heals you and you can start introducing foods again, even if it’s not everything, maybe just some. :) you have amazing self control! you’re doing great Kacie!

  3. I don’t remember if I told you this in a previous comment or not, but my friend Cara runs a blog called about their family’s GAPS adventures :)

  4. I read her blog now! I don’t know if I found her via you, Elisabeth, but if I did, cool and thanks!

  5. Can you use ghee?

    Also, I am wayyyy coconut obsessed. Coconut milk, coconut oil…coconut anything :-)

    Hang in there- you’re doing awesome!

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