Dec 15 2010

Maybe I’m too comfortable?

Part of me thought I’d be pregnant this long, and part of me didn’t. I’m wishy-washy that way. Maybe I’m too comfortable. Lest you think that I have the easiest pregnancies EVER, I guess I’ll be a downer now and share some of the uncomfortable things I’ve had to deal with. And it’s really not that bad. Sorry.

– Food aversions. In the early first trimester, certain foods and smells made me really squeamish. Raw meat and anything overly pungent. I remember walking past the food court in the mall hoping I would make it past without getting sick! Fortunately, that was the worst of it and I never did have any real morning sickness or barfing.

– Not sleeping well. For most of the gig. Getting up at night with Johnny or to go to the bathroom or to just stretch…yeah. Kinda tiring.

– Having to go potty 300 times per day. At my last ultrasound, my bladder was squished to ridiculously small dimensions. Yeah, I figured.

– Some moms have problems with their pelvic floors, such as mild urine leaking and hemorrhoids. Not thrilled to be a member of this club, but someone’s gotta be on the “oh, my poor bottom” committee.

– Aching, dislocated back. I threw my back out mid-second trimester or so and I was crawling around because I just plain couldn’t walk. Fortunately that only lasted a few hours and I popped back into place sometime overnight, but dang! And now my back feels like it needs to pop really bad and I’m really creaky, but that’s because my baby’s head is pressing on my bones and the only solution is to get her out.

– Heartburn, ugh! It has mostly gone away now that the baby is lower and my digestive system sorta moved back to where it should be, relatively.

– Crazy hormones. Sometimes I am just really snippy. I hope it’s because I’m pregnant, and not because I’m just a jerk.

– Um…I think I’m running out of complaints. Surely there are others.

I try not to dwell on these things because it doesn’t do me any good and will only drive me crazy. I think about how many women are struggling with infertility who would do anything to have baby-related hemorrhoids. Or all-day nausea. Or anything worse, if it meant they had a baby at the end of it all.

I do like being pregnant and for me, it has many more pros than cons.

I really thought that if I made it close to 40 weeks (that’s tomorrow) that I’d be way bigger and way more uncomfortable than I am right now. Instead, I feel reasonably comfortable and not huge.

So. It looks like I might not ever get too uncomfortable with this. I was banking on having some serious discomfort to sorta help psyche my body into labor, but that might not work.

No one is pregnant forever. It’ll happen soon.

3 Responses to “Maybe I’m too comfortable?”

  1. The baby will come. #1 came @ 38 weeks 4 days. #2 came @ 42 weeks 0 days. The longest 2 weeks of my life, but so worth it to have my child who was big, healthy, nursed easily and slept 3 hours at a time at night.

  2. My son came at 38w4d. Hope I don’t hit 42…but I would love a big, healthy, easy nursing baby who is a great sleeper!

  3. Heard the news from Jessie @ Vanderbilt Wife. CONGRATULATIONS!! I love the name. Hope all things went smoothly.

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