Dec 08 2010

Emily’s baby June is here!

YAAAY! Emily had her daughter, June Elizabeth, yesterday. From her Facebook updates, it sounds like it was a speedy thing once it finally took off. Looking forward to her birth story!

I’m next. Maybe.

I predicted Jes would go first (she did), and then it was Karen’s turn two days later, and now that Emily has had her girl (which was a surprise!), I’m next. I know Jessie is probably done being pregnant and she’s full-term now, so I guess she could go before me, though I’m a week or so ahead.

I ALSO predicted four boys and two girls. Looks like i called that one! Emily and I are having the girls (unless my baby has a surprise for me), and everyone else had or is expecting a boy (unless Joanna and Jessie’s babies have a surprise, too).

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  1. Congratulations Emily and June! YAY!

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