Nov 18 2010

Guess my baby’s stats!

I’m 36 weeks, so let’s go ahead and start guessing baby girl’s stats!

Go here to fill out your guesses. Winner gets a hearty congratulations.

Some info to help your guesses:

– I’ll be 40 weeks on Dec. 16.

– Two ultrasounds have said this is a girl. Zero have said it’s a boy.

– I am measuring small once again. At my last appointment, I was 3cm behind schedule, but that’s only fundal height — not necessarily an indicator of the baby’s size. It could be a different measurement at my next appointment. This is just how I do it, i think.

– At an earlier growth ultrasound, she was in the 52nd percentile for size, so pretty average at that point!

– Jonathan was born 10 days before 40 weeks. He was 6 lbs. 5 oz. and 20″ long, born at 4:24 a.m.

– Johnny’s birthday is Dec. 20. With him, my water broke on the 19th and contractions started on their own, but my labor was augmented with Cervidil to speed things along. Dunno how that affected the timing of his birth.

– The full moon for December is Dec. 21. There’s also one on Nov. 21 and that could give me some contrax but I doubt it would do anything — plus I want to make it to 37w at least so I’ll be full-term (that’s on Nov. 25).

– I would be 42 weeks on Dec. 30 so that’s my last possible day of being pregnant. I’d consent to a post-dates induction at that time so I guess in theory it could be the 30th or 31st if it takes awhile. But I strongly doubt it would come to that.

And here is when we guessed Johnny’s stats. Aww.

K have fun and good luck!

2 Responses to “Guess my baby’s stats!”

  1. I entered my guess before looking at anyone elses. I promise. I don’t know how I ended up guessing same weight and length as you. I tried to change it but it wouldn’t let me…

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