Nov 16 2010

Hypnobabies bonus tracks and maintenance schedule

Once you complete week 5 of your home study, you’re in maintenance mode until the birth. The track recommendations are:

– Special Place
– Deepening
– Hypnotic Childbirth #1
– Easy, Comfortable Childbirth
– Deepening
– Hypnotic Childbirth #2
– Fear Clearing

You just listen to one of those per day, going down the list. Also, listen to the affirmations track. I might start listening to birthing day affirmations once I hit 38w instead of the joyful pregnancy affirmations.

I don’t listen to the affirmations each day, but I do listen to them when I feel like I need a boost. Or, if I’m in the car, I can listen to it there.

I usually listen to the tracks at night before bedtime. Most are roughly 30 minutes long.

I have a number of bonus tracks that I got for my Hypnobabies course. Here’s a quick overview of what I have (and there are several more available on their web site for download or CD purchase).

Visualize Your Birth — I am really surprised that this isn’t automatically a part of the course! It’s a longer track — about 50 minutes or so. It walks you through the whole birth, helping you visualize every step of the way. We did visualizations when I was in cross-country and track, and I truly think they helped me perform better on race day. I also think this track will help with preparing for birth. I’m listening to it once per week or so, roughly, as a part of my maintenance schedule.

Birth Partner Be Calm and Confident — this is a track for Shane. I don’t know what he thinks of it. I heard it once, and it helps to relax you but I thought the introduction was a little too conversational. Probably intentional, but it’s not the same as other HB tracks. I’ll ask him what he thinks.

Baby, Stay IN! — I downloaded this track when I was having preterm contractions in October. I was really annoyed at my body for doing that. I strongly suspected there was a full moon, and wouldn’t ya know it, there was! This track truly did stop those contractions and helped me get back to sleep. I’ll probably need it again for the next full moon around the 21st or so. The week before Jonathan was born was a full moon and I had contractions as close as 2 minutes apart for awhile. I didn’t go into the hospital because I was already full-term and I wasn’t really showing signs of active labor, other than the frequent contractions (which fizzled out, obviously). But still! I think this is a helpful track for stopping those annoying preterm waves.

Peaceful Sleep Now, expectant moms — Helps you if you have insomnia or just difficulty falling asleep. And really, pregnant moms don’t sleep so well. You learn to program your mind to go to sleep very quickly when you want to.

After Your Baby Comes — this is a track for post-partum time, but I’m listening to it already because it has positive affirmations for when the baby is actually born. I need to hear these things now because I’m having some anxiety about the newborn time, and hearing these phrases is really helping me. Not sure how often I’ll listen to it after my daughter is here — I might just opt to sleep rather than listen. OR, I might fast-forward past the relaxation part and listen to the affirmations while nursing.

Other tracks include:

– Peaceful Sleep Now for everyone
– Come OUT, Baby!
– Fear of needles
– Eliminate Nausea Now
– Turn your breech baby
– Breastfeeding success
– Turn, posterior baby, turn!

There’s also some for VBAC moms, moms who are having c-sections, and twins. Go here to see them and get more info than I’ve provided.

If you buy the Hypnobabies course on eBay from the Hypnobabies retail store, you can often find deals of getting several of these bonus tracks. Or, Hypnobabies might be running a special promotion where you get a certain number of bonus tracks included in your order. Watch for those deals, if you’re interested!

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  1. I really can’t wait to hear how your birth using hypnobabies goes. I want to try it, but I think I am holding out until I hear a positive birth story from you. :) Luckily, I am not due until mid-May, so I have got some time. I have been following your adventures with the system and I will say I really like the idea of it. I just looked into the needles track, I am glad to know they have that because I am totally terrified of IVs.

  2. Oh, it’s gunna be a good birth story alright! You can download the needles track and start using it if you want–you don’t have to be a hb student to benefit. Thanks for letting me know you like this series!

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