Nov 14 2010


Help me come up with some easy snacks to have on hand, ok? Things that will be easy for me to eat with one or two kids on my lap, and also something easy I can grab for Johnny when he’s like, “EAT!”

I’m looking for something with at least a little bit of nutrition, lots of portability, can eat with one hand, and that involves minimal prepwork. Some ideas I have:

– Apples
– Bananas
– Grapes
– String cheese
– Peanut butter & crackers (made in advance when hands are free)
– Granola bars (any recommendations on yummy pre-done ones?)
– Trail mix with nuts
– Hard-boiled eggs (pre-peeled)
– Pretzels
– Raisins
– Dried cranberries
– Apple chips

What else? This looks like sort of a long list, but I want more options!

4 Responses to “Snax”

  1. What about peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches? They can be made ahead of time and frozen. I made a batch before I had my daughter for a quick thing to grab out of the freezer and let defrost while I fed her or to take on trip to the store, etc. since I LOVE PB&J! I mixed my PB& J together to the bread would not get soggy.

  2. I think your list is plenty fine. I try to de-emphasize snacks in favor of meals, so I don’t care if snacks get “boring.”

    I also bake cookies to fill a cookie jar that have something like peanut butter, oatmeal, fruit or nuts – and then we use those for snacks because they’re basically healthy.

    Muffins are another good thing to bake and freeze – can be used for breakfast, to fill out a soup meal, or just as snacks. And they can be healthier and easier to make than cookies.

    I have different categories with snacks: anything with peanut butter is a sit-at-the-table snack.

    Cheerioes and pretzels are an on-the-go-keep-the-blood-sugar-up snack – add a piece of cheese if needed. The other on-the-go snack is apples. I don’t buy grapes often because they don’t seem to be on sale when I’m grocery shopping (I shop mostly at a local farmer’s market).

  3. This may sound weird…but, I did it with kindergarteners, and if they can eat without a mess, you can definiltey eat one handed without a problem! Yogurt or pudding in a snack size ziplock bag. Just snip a corner and squeeze into your mouth! It’s the idea of go-gurt without all the colors and sugars and junk.
    I second the muffin idea as well, I have a great apple muffin recipe that freezes well. I’ll get that to you soon!
    Granola bar wise…I personally enjoy the walmart brand (because they’re cheaper) of fiber one chocolate and oats bars. They’re not so great as far as oils and sugars…but they’re yummy and better than a cookie.
    Also, veggie platter type things…raw carrots, broccoli, celery. If you aren’t a huge fan of veggies, a good alternative to dip is low fat sour cream with powdered ranch seasoning added to it. I sometimes add shredded cheddar to that as well, but that kinda defeats the low fat point of the sour cream…yummy though :)

    I also have a recipe for brownies that are really good while still frozen, or can set out for half an hour or so and warm up. I will only send you that recipe if you ask me for it…cuz…they’re pretty addicting and not good for you at all.

  4. That is a fun idea with the baggie! I can see me doing that. I probably don’t need the brownies recipe though…I can be so dangerous when it comes to sweets. Mmmmm….brownies……

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