Nov 03 2010

Hypnobabies week 5

This is the last week of the home study before maintenance.

Tracks for the week:
– Pregnancy affirmations (daily)
– Hypnotic Childbirth #2
– Deepening (as introduced in week 2) (alternating Hypnotic Childbirth #2 with Deepening)
– Fear Clearing (once per week)

The Hypnotic Childbirth track again reminds us of our “peace” cue, and we learn a new verbal cue: the word “release.” It’s similar to turning our light switch to the off position, but when we say that word to ourselves or have someone else tell us this, it’s to remind ourselves to turn “off” and go completely relaxed. Having your birth partner guide you with this can be helpful if you need to regain focus.

The track has other positive suggestions about what will happen during your birthing. I liked that part especially.

The Fear Clearing track starts out by telling us about the impact fear can have on our birthing. It can slow the process and cause pain. In this track, we reinforce our “bubble of peace” and address one fear or concern we have about pregnancy, birth, or the time after. We address it so that the fear will be dealt with.

Perhaps you can find solutions for whatever fear, or you can share them with your care provider/birth partner so they can help you when the time comes. One of my worries is that I’ll have a bad tear again, and perhaps I won’t be as willing to push as hard as I need to. I’ve talked about this with some of the midwives and they’ve put notes in my file to do all they can to help prevent me tearing (warm compresses, support, encouraging slow, gentle pushes, encouraging me to be in a good anti-tear position which would be side-lying, etc.).

I feel confident they will do what they can to help me, and I may not tear again. And if I do? I know a good surgeon who can fix me up.

This week’s readings:

– Transformation stage (transition), and how to deal with it and how your birth partner can help
– Is it “purple” pushing or mother-directed pushing?
– Mother-directed pushing … lots of info here, and what will come afterward
– A chart on Apgar scores
– Get your baby lined up! Optimal fetal positioning
– Your birthing ball and photos on how you can use an exercise ball for comfort and during birthing
– Reminders on your light switch and Hypnobabies cues
– Make a baby care plan
– Other important newborn issues
– Breastfeeding — starting out right
– Breastfeeding and jaundice

In all, I think the information this week is helpful and complete.

That’s all for course material. There are more tracks that I haven’t yet listened to, but they are for moms at 38 weeks or more gestation or during the birthing. Looking forward to those!

Also, there are some bonus tracks that I have that I’ll probably do a brief write-up about.

I haven’t flipped through the birth partner guide yet, but I will do that soon with Shane. He has been so busy with work lately that he hasn’t really had time to do any Hypnobabies stuff yet. But soon!

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  1. Great comprehensive review. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  2. Hi, thanks blogging about your experiences with Hypnobabies. It has been really interesting to read. I have 3 little ones and hope to have another someday and am really interested in this after reading your blog. Best of luck with the birth! You sound so prepared and confident!

  3. Thank you! I feel goodabout the birth but still a bit nervous about life afterward. :)

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