Nov 01 2010

Starting NaBloPoMo, cuz why not?

This is National Blog Posting Month, and I’m going to jump in, cuz why not?

I’m doing it on this blog instead of my main blog, because I don’t imagine I’ll have much to say this month. I’ve got maybe five readers for this blog, and surely you guys won’t mind a month’s worth of nonsense.


This weekend I washed and waxed the car and vacuumed the inside. It has been quite awhile. I imagine this will be the last deep-cleaning of the season.

Also this week, I need to take our car in for an oil change and for the annual state inspections. I hope that there’s no extra repairs that need done because I’m just not in the mood.

This weekend we will probably install the base for our infant car seat. Why fiddle with it when it’s even colder and when my belly is bigger?

I’m doing some bulk cooking this week and I’m trying to get caught up on baby-related laundry. Our washing machine wasn’t working and a repairman came by on Friday to fix it. So there’s a back log.

K more nonsense tomorrow!

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One Response to “Starting NaBloPoMo, cuz why not?”

  1. I bet you have more than 5 readers on this blog, but you’re right, we wouldn’t mind a whole month of nonsense. Sounds good to me. Maybe I’ll join in. I have been trying to get back into the habit of blogging.

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