Oct 27 2010

Hypnobabies week 4

This week’s class is called, “Your birthing time begins!” Squee!

CD tracks for the week:
– Joyful pregnancy affirmations (gotta confess — I only listen to this when I feel like it, which is probably once per week)
– Hypnotic Childbirth #1
– Deepening (as introduced in week 2)

The main take-away from the Hypnotic Childbirth #1 is that you train yourself so that your birth partner or doula or anyone can put their hand on your shoulder or forehead (whichever you prefer) and say “relax” to help encourage relaxation to go through your body and for your muscles to relieve tension instantly.

This is nice because I think it can really help you regain focus if things get nuts during birthing…like with a rapid progression of birth or whatnot. It’s nice to be able to regain some control, even though I think that a big aspect of birthing is letting go of control and letting your body do its thing.

The physical touch and the word “relax” are designed to be a conditioned response that you have already taught yourself. It’s not the act of them doing it to you that will relax you — it’s YOU who has practiced those things already that will cause that to happen.

“Eyes open childbirth hypnosis/directing your anesthesia”

The workbook gives us instructions on how to do this. In short, we relax deeply and say the word “peace” to ourselves while mentally directing anesthesia to wherever we need in our body.

This is a technique we are supposed to rehearse several times per day so that it becomes automatic during birthing.

I had a chance to put it into practice last week when I got my flu shot. Normally, I feel a small prick of the needle even though in the past, I’ve always tried to relax my arm as best as I could.

This time, I put my mental switch into center (which is to anesthetize my body from my chest to my thighs, including my arms) and focused that anesthesia to my right arm while relaxing it deeply. I was STUNNED when I realized she had given me the shot already, and I felt absolutely no sensation of pain or discomfort.

I could feel her hand on my arm and I could tell that there was a needle in my arm for a moment, but that’s it. I actually thought that she didn’t do it, that she came close but wasn’t finished. It was bizarre and exciting for me at the same time!

And later, I didn’t bruise at all or have any discomfort. Really, really cool.

The shot-giver asked when I was due, and then said her own birthday was Dec. 20. Just like Jonathan’s! I’ve been running into a lot of people with December birthdays lately and they are all excited to add another person to their birth month. Lol!

Other readings in this week’s course:

– Getting your birth partner more involved in your Hypnobabies birth preparation (includes a mini script and encourages him to read the birth partner’s guide so they can know specific things they can do to help the mom)

– Packing your birth bags (Last time, I actually took 3 DVDs with me because I thought my labor would be really slow. What a silly goose I was!)

– Tips for the ride to the hospital or birth center

– Touring your birth facility

– Visualizing your birth (and this week, you can also start listening to the optional ‘Visualize your Hypnobabies birth’ track, which I do have

– Your ‘guess date’ or … babies know their birth dates!

– Engagement

– Signs of your birthing time beginning

– Release of your membranes: Your water breaking

– Waterbirthing (which I won’t be having…not allowed in my birth center, though I can be in the tub to relax for awhile)

– Timing your birthing waves

– What to do during your early birthing time

– When to go to the hospital

– Preparing for your birthing day

– Vaginal exams

You know how a few weeks ago, I was really underwhelmed with the brief info they gave on birthing? I shouldn’t have been so quick to judge! Of COURSE this program will be more detailed later. And ya know, I think this week’s readings were extremely helpful to prepare the mom and birth partner for the early part of birthing.

Next up, new material in week 5. I’ve already finished that and now I’m on maintenance! Time is tickin’ on by.

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  1. I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear how Hypnobabies actually works for you!

  2. Laura — I’m optimistic!

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