Oct 20 2010

32 weeks

My baby girl is 32 weeks gestation. That is starting to sound like a lot. Like 6.5 weeks to go if I have her exactly when I had Jonathan, but of course some people are pegging me to go 10 days over this time (hi Renee! And maybe even Stacy!) pfft :)

That’s fine. I know she will be born in December if she comes during the healthy window. And that is good enough for me.

So I’m one of those lucky turds who has pretty easy pregnancies. I even enjoy being pregnant. To those of you who are miserable and pregnant right now, I am so sorry. It isn’t fair.

But I’ve gotta be honest and just let you know (especially you folks who haven’t been pregnant — I wanna give you some hope!) that I’m not miserable. I’m fine. I’m enjoying this pregnancy and I’m looking forward to meeting my daughter.

That’s not to say that I don’t have some discomforts. I do have a few — namely my back that likes to pop too much. Or sometimes, it needs to pop but it just won’t. And there was that evening where I couldn’t walk because my back was so far misaligned. Then there’s some heartburn. It usually comes at nighttime if I ate something suspect in the evening. I had taco soup for dinner. Um…and apparently a Tums for dessert!

It’s getting harder to get comfortable for sleep, so I prop some pillows between my knees and that helps. I’m also up a LOT at night to go potty. A lot. So for the silly gooses who tell pregnant woman to get a good night’s sleep while they still can, um…whatever!

Fortunately I can usually catch a nap when Johnny is snoozing.

About two weeks ago, I had an ultrasound because my fundal height (that is, the top of the uterus) was starting to measure small. The theory is that the measurement, in centimeters, will roughly equal the amount of weeks pregnant the mom is.

At my 24w checkup, it was 24cm. Cool. At my 28? It was 24cm. Um. And yet, if you are my Facebook friend and saw my last 2 belly pics (24.5 weeks and almost 30w), they are roughly the same fundal height. Like within 1cm at least. Yet, my belly is a LOT bigger in the second shot.

No change in fundal height over 4 weeks is sorta suspicious, so naturally I had an ultrasound the following week. The baby was measuring spot-on for her estimated gestation. And my fluid levels were perfect. Take THAT, fundal height!

I can’t really explain where the baby is hiding. Maybe my intestines are smaller than other people’s? Or maybe she’s just doing a great job of smooshing all my organs out of the way. I do know that she’s already head-down and quite low, so maybe that’s contributing to matters.

I don’t know if I’ll keep having to get ultrasounds or what. We’ll see how it goes.

Looking at my 32-week post with Johnny, I saw that I strung a measuring tape around the widest part of my belly and came up with a 37.5″ result or something. Well today, I’m 40″ at my widest. And my weight gain to that point with him was 16-17.

I’m up 21 lbs. from my starting weight and counting. It is really weird to see the scale go to places that it doesn’t normally go, but I DO know that it will come off. And who cares, really? You are supposed to gain weight when you are pregnant! And even if you gain more than “normal” (whatever that is, anyway), as long as you are eating healthy foods, your baby and your body needs the weight. So don’t feel bad.

The baby is feeling much stronger now, with more powerful kicks and rolls. My belly shakes like a Jello mold.

I really wish we could know what her name will be. We have something like 4 name possibilities, and none of them are really clicking with us right now. It looks like we will probably have to wait until she’s born to decide what she looks like. Or maybe it will come to us yet. I really really think coming up with girl names is much harder for us than boy names.

Anyway, with two-ish months to go, I am feeling pretty good about all of this stuff. I’m looking forward to birthing and meeting this baby and having her join our family.

My to-do list is actually much shorter than I first thought. I should be able to get it all done by the end of November no sweat. Well, maybe some sweat. And grunts. But it’ll be ok.

4 Responses to “32 weeks”

  1. YAY! This line makes me giggle: “My belly shakes like a Jello mold.” Ha. Santa should try that one.

    Glad to hear everything is going well for you!! Can’t wait to hear what you guys decide on the name. Enjoy your final 2 months!

  2. :) YAY! I am getting excited. Somehow I forgot we were only a few days apart, I was thinking it was more like a week or two. They didn’t measure me this time because they had the ultra sound that showed everything was good, but because of the extra fluid, at 30 weeks I was measuring 35. lol. That was when the doctor explained to me that the numbers really mean nothing other than to make sure you’re growing. So yah, your little girl must be really good at pushing the organs up out of the way. he he.

    I’m getting REALLY excited to meet this little man, and to see the pictures of your little girl!! After having that amazing ultra sound on Monday my excitement level went crazy high (as did my “oh shoot, we need to get ready” level.) he he.

    Anyway, I’m glad all is going well for you! and I agree with that “get sleep while you can” comment.

  3. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

    We had the opposite experience – we knew from day #1 what girl name we would use but were debatin on a boy name practically until we were on the way to the hospital!

  4. Sounds great! I hope you go early though, no one should have to go late. 😉

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