Oct 14 2010

Hypnobabies week 3

Whoops — a bit behind with this posting! I’m starting week 5 today, so hopefully I’ll get week 4’s write-up posted soon.

Tracks this week:

– Joyful pregnancy affirmations (daily)
– Creating Anesthesia (this and Deepening are alternated each day)
– Deepening (introduced in week 2)

This week, we learned how to create the “center” position on our light switch. When in center, you can move around, talk, open your eyes and whatever, but still be deeply relaxed. Also, you will concentrate hypno-anesthesia in the middle of your body — basically from your chest to your thighs.

Essentially, you are re-training your mind so that when you are in center, you don’t feel pain in that area. You might feel strong pressure or possibly discomfort but it will be manageable.

It’s nice to have this center option because sometimes when you’re completely “off,” you just want to move a little.

During birth, it sometimes feels better to move and other times I think it feels better to be completely still.

The course pack gives more information on how this switch is used.

Other readings this week include info on interventions, birthing choices, standard procedures in many hospitals, choices during the pushing stage, getting what you want during your birth experience, birth plans, Cesarean sections, and breech births.

LOTS of information that can serve as a starting point for further research and discussion with your health care provider.

At my midwife appointment yesterday, she reminded me that they’d like to get a copy of my birth preferences. I’m a little unsure of what to write, because just about everything in my birth plan for Johnny’s hospital birth will be standard procedure at the birth center.

It’s nice that I won’t have to negotiate those basics!

The midwife suggested including info on how they can best support me. Like, if I think I’ll want to use the tub, a birth ball, if I want them to talk to me a lot or leave me alone, etc.

I can’t believe this is my last week for new Hypnobabies material (aside for the stuff specifically for post-38 weeks/during birthing). It went fast! I really am enjoying the course and I’m glad I’m doing it.

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