Sep 12 2010

Exercise and birth prep

So at my last prenatal appointment, the midwife asked if I exercised.

No. I do not. Didn’t even try to stretch the truth about that one.

She didn’t make me feel bad about it at all, but that simple question was enough to spark me to start exercising again.

I had started to run and do some DVDs at home earlier this year, right around the time I found out I was pregnant. My energy tanked and though I probably should have continued exercising at least a little, I didn’t.

But I feel fine now, so with this birth looming ahead in just a few months, I figured I’d better improve my fitness while I can!

I bought a DVD that I had previously rented on Netflix, called “10 Minute Solutions: Prenatal Pilates.” LOVE it. The DVD has five 10-minute workouts that target different areas and you can do one or combine some. There’s a bonus post-natal ab workout on there that I haven’t tried yet, obvs.

I’ve always loved Pilates DVDs because I can easily follow along, you don’t do a ton of reps of the same thing, and I just feel so great after even a 10-minute workout.

I’m hopeful that the strengthening moves on the DVD will help my posture, especially as my belly starts to throw me off balance.

ALSO, though I’ve been putting it off somewhat since I’m not really in the mood to give birth just yet, this week Karen ( and I will be starting our Hypnobabies home study. We’re due around the same time, ish, and so we thought it would be funner to do the course concurrently so we can discuss.

I think the start date is this Thursday, when we each become more pregnant by a week. I’ll be 27; she’ll be 28. Good grief, that’s a lot!

As you might expect, I’m going to blog about each week of the course.

I’ve been sitting on my birth ball a lot and I’m also sitting in a squat position since supposedly that’s good for strengthening your pelvic floor, and if I feel like pushing out my baby in that position then I’ll want those muscles to be ready.

I’m drinking a cup of red raspberry leaf tea per day, give or take. I’m going to ramp it up to 2-3 cups/day shortly, I just need to order some tea in bulk.

I’m doing my 1-hour glucose tolerance test this weekend. The 50g glucola isn’t that bad. I just hope I pass this time and don’t have to mess with the 3-hour, 100g drink! Uggggh. I’ll bring a book and make the most of it.

I don’t actually have any risk factors for gestational diabetes, but the midwives said that they don’t ask much of their patients in terms of prenatal testing and whatnot, but this they require of all moms. K fine.

6 Responses to “Exercise and birth prep”

  1. With as active as I was when I found out I was pregnant (I mean come on, I ran my half marathon about 4 or 5 weeks along…) I’ve done NO exercise, well, not regular exercise. I walk every now and then. With my history of miscarriages the doctors told me to stop running until I hit 13 weeks, once that came I tried to run, I made it 1 mile and decided it wasn’t worth it. so I’ve done nothing, and felt really guilty. Who knows what a midwife would have told me about running. I wish I had one.

    Also I found out I have to retake my 1 hour glucose test. I guess the one I took early was a prescreening and I still have to take it at normal time. oh well, like you said, it’s not that bad. Also, I’ve yet to start the raspberry leaf tea… I have some and I had one cup about oh… 2 months ago. then forgot. Any good tips for how you drink yours? I’m not a big hot tea fan.

    Mostly I’ve been spending the past few weeks freaking out about how I wish I had a midwife and could deliver anyway I want, oh and how Josiah needs clothes lol. Thanks for refocusing me on what I should be thinking about right now – being healthy!

  2. Yeah you were really a running machine, Jes! Don’t feel bad — I think it was wise that you stopped exercising early on.

    I do like my RRL tea hot, but I know some people really like theirs iced. I am planning on getting some loose leaf RRL and a tea ball and brewing a big pitcher of it and drinking it iced. If you don’t like the flavor (I think it’s really tasty though!) I bet you could add some lemon or honey or something to it.

    Josiah will be clothed, no worries! Do you have some NB and 0-3m stuff from the girls that he could wear? Some gender-neutral sorta stuff? I’m putting this girl in those white NB t-shirts in her early days. I have some neutral sleepers that she’ll wear, and even a few blue ones if I need to. it’s going to be winter and I want her to be warm!

  3. Oh geez. My activity level this pregnancy has been PATHETIC. :(

    Like Jes, I was super active when I found out I was pregnant. I also ran a 5K before I found out I was pregnant. I had been training for months, and I was about 3 weeks along when I ran the race. I was in the best shape of my life.

    Then morning sickness and early pregnancy exhaustion kicked in, and it hasn’t really let up through the entire pregnancy. Ugh.

    I’m trying to walk more now, and I want to do some pregnancy-safe stretches and what not. I had SUCH good intentions when I was trying to conceive. I was going to exercise every day. Yeah right. It can be SO hard to stay motivated to work out when you’re sick with pregnancy symptoms! I’m so out of shape now after sitting around for 6 months, but I’m looking forward to getting active again when I’m feeling better — even if that’s not until after I have the baby.

    I’m trying to make up it in the third trimester with as much walking as I can do, and hoping for the best.

    Let me know where you find bulk RRL tea! My grocery store has it, but it’s like $4.50 for 16 bags. Yikes! I’m hoping I can find a better deal somewhere, especially since I’m going to drinking so dang much of it!

  4. Oh! And I can’t wait to start HypnoBabies! I can’t believe I’m starting my third trimester on Thurs. Eep! Only 12 weeks to go (give or take a week or two). That seems so soon!

  5. Check out the for a great price on raspberry leaf tea in bulk. I’ve been enjoying it iced all summer and find that making a big pitcher helps.

    And yes, thanks for reminding me I need to get back into exercising. I did so well through my second trimester and then I was just overwhelmed with showers and getting things ready that I let it slip. I’m almost 34 weeks, but every little bit helps!

  6. I was about to post about got beat to the punch! They have both RRL and pregnancy tea- the pregnancy tea is the same mix I whip up at home, just pre-prepped- it has RRL, nettle, alfalfa, and peppermint. If you’re not crazy about the taste of RRL, the peppermint helps.

    Oh, and make sure you have protein before your GD test. Some docs/midwives aren’t great about remembering to advise their patients about how to do well on the test. I’ve been told by both my CNMs to have ONLY protein the morning of the test- a hard-boiled egg, or scrambled eggs with cheese are both great options. That way you have something (slow-digesting, I might add) in your stomach to help you handle the sugar, without adding in additional carbs. It’s worked for me so far.

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