Jul 12 2010

Boy or girl?

Well, what’ll it be? On Saturday, July 17 at 9 a.m. thereabouts, we hope to find out if we’re having a little boy or a little girl.

I have no intuition at all as to what it will be! Last time, I dreamed several times about a blonde little boy. And what do ya know, I have one!

But this time, I am not feeling a strong pull either way.

Shane had a dream about a baby boy, and I did, too, except I know for a fact that it was my friend’s baby (who is due later this month).

My symptoms:

– Not a trace of nausea at any point. I did have some food aversions early in the first trimester — didn’t want to look at raw meats, and certain food smells were bad. And if I took one bite too many, I’d have to get rid of it ASAP without swallowing. With J, I had a few days of mild nausea.

– My skin and hair look(ed) lousy, but it’s improving. My skin had quite a bit of breakouts during the first tri, but it’s much clearer now. This *could* coincide with weaning J, since that also affects hormones. My hair still looks crazy, but I’m not loving the haircut I have right now anyway so maybe that’s part of it.

– Food cravings? Can’t say anything in particular. Nothing out of the ordinary for things I usually like to have (sweets AND salty things, sometimes at the same time).

– I’m carrying low once again, but come on — I’m only 17 weeks, I’m SUPPOSED to be carrying low right now. The fundal height is still lower than my belly button.

So really, I dunno. Lots of things are similar to when I was pregnant with Johnny, in terms of feeling fine. The skin issue very well could have been a combo of pregnancy + nursing hormones.

Here is a belly pic if that helps make your guess.

Taken at 17 (and a half, ish) weeks.

10 Responses to “Boy or girl?”

  1. You’re so cute.

    We’re not finding out until after mid-August, most probably, which feels like it will be a forever-wait!

  2. Love the picture! I have no guess either way, I hope it’s a girl so you can have one of each! I didn’t have any feelings about mine this time around either, I think that’s because I wanted a boy so bad I couldn’t think about what it actually was. My acne was and still is horrible so I think that breaks the wives tales that if it’s a girl she steals your beauty, or else maybe I’ll just have one very handsome boy?

    I think your picture is adorable though. I’m gonna go with girl just because that’s what I want you to have. he he.

  3. I’m guessing boy =-)

  4. I want you to have a girl, but I have a feeling you’re going to have a boy. So that’s my official guess. Eep! I can’t wait until we find out!

  5. I’m gonna guess boy. Idk why, I just have that feeling….vee shall see :)

  6. Beautiful picture!! Because you chose to wear pink, and you took a picture on the same day by chance, I am going to guess that the little bean is a girl! Bridget would be tickled of course too, they would only be about 10 months apart! Can’t wait to hear what the baby is!!!

  7. Hehe it wasn’t quite “chance” why I was wearing pink. I will explain more after my ultrasound :)

  8. Ooh and my date is sometime mid-December, so they’d be maybe 7ish!

  9. Cute! I’m thinking girl. Mostly because of your skin irritations bc I had that a lot when I was pregnant with Lib. I haven’t this time but this babe very well could be a girl too! So who knows. :) GIRL because dresses and bows are fun!

  10. I’m gonna say boy. Just my guess!
    Although I’d love for you to have a little girl- they’re so fun. For what it’s worth, I’ve been crazy sick both times, with horrible breakouts as well, and the way I carried Lucy made everyone say “boy.”

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