Jun 16 2010

The nesting begins…in my head, anyway.

One of the perks of being pregnant is you get this great motivation to get organized, do some deep cleaning, and start and finish a bunch of little projects. Or, that’s the theory. I don’t think it hits hard until the third trimester.

But I’m already starting to think of some nesting-type projects that I’ve been meaning to do anyway. Now I just have a timetable to work with!

Just a few:

Declutter! I’m just amazed at how much stuff we accumulate, even though we tend to get rid of stuff every time we move. Which is every few years or so. I want to sell off things that have some sort of value and put that money in our house fund. Getting rid of stuff means our small apartment feels less cramped, and it’s that many fewer things we have to move later!

I’ll keep track of what I sell and what I just toss or donate so I can be motivated to get rid of even more.

I haven’t sold anything on eBay for awhile so it’s time to get some auctions listed!

Any of the smaller things that don’t particularly have much cash value, but can still be useful to someone — I think I’ll see if my pal will let me put some things in her yard sale later this summer. Or just plain donate it and be done with it all.

Organize! We need to get some more shelves to mount on the walls. We have such minimal closet space. It’s kind of sad. Adding some sturdy shelves on the walls will really help! A month or two ago, I bought a 5 or 6-shelf freestanding…shelf. It’s strong enough to hold something like 150 lbs. per shelf. It’s in our bedroom and we’ve got all sorts of miscellany on it. It’s not pretty but it does keep some things off the floor!

It was $35 or so at Home Depot. Might get another, even.

Clean. Yeah, yay. Just some spring-cleaning type of things. I’ll save that for way later. I’ll need to be good and motivated to do the deep clean!

Cook! I’m planning on filling my freezer with meals and snacks once again. I want to expand from the types of things I did last time so I’ll need to experiment with recipes and see what freezes and reheats well. Plus, I’m going to make a list of some really simple meals we can quickly throw together.

3 Responses to “The nesting begins…in my head, anyway.”

  1. Glad I’m not the only one nesting early. LOL. I’ve had all sorts of thoughts about how we need to organize and get rid of and put shelves up.

    It’s fun. I like the extra motivation to get things done that should have been done awhile ago.

    I never filled my freezer for either of the other two, I might try to get some meals in there but we don’t have a deep freezer or anything so there’s not a ton of extra space. We’ll see!

  2. My current problem with nesting is that I have much more energy in my head that I do in reality!

  3. My current problem with nesting is that I have much more time and energy in my head than in reality!

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