Jun 03 2010

12 weeks, ish

So plus or minus, I’m around 12 weeks. I had a prenatal checkup yesterday and we easily could hear the little heart beat. What a lovely sound! Johnny wasn’t impressed.

My weight is down a few pounds from last visit. Eh. Whatever. My appetite hasn’t been huge. I’m not forcing myself to eat if I’m not hungry, because that would make me sick.

It took until mid-second trimester or so to start regularly gaining with Johnny so I think maybe I still have a few more weeks of this.

I’ve got like another week and a half or two (depending on how ya count) of the first trimester, and I have made it through without an ounce of nausea.

Not sure how I lucked out! At the beginning, I told myself, “I will feel fine. I might feel a little gross for a few days, but that’s it.” Some women are just predisposed to morning sickness because they are more sensitive to the progesterone. Other women tolerate it just fine.

So far, this has been really easy going and relaxed. I’m not obsessed with baby stuff, though I have been getting some newborn diapers. Not reading books/blogs/websites like crazy. Not researching the heck out of baby stuff.

Researching the heck out of minivans, yes…but that’s an indirect baby thing :).

I will have my next ultrasound in mid-July (that isn’t scheduled yet though) and hopefully we can find out if we’re having a boy or girl at that time.

No premonitions either way — in fact I’m trying not to think about having one or the other. I just want to know what I AM having and then I can think about it lots.

I don’t really have a baby belly yet. Just some nighttime bloat. It’s probably too high up to be directly baby-related, though my guts are being smooshed up and out of the way, so maybe?

Meanwhile, Johnny has no idea what’s about to rock his world in 6 or so months. I think he will be a fantastic big brother!

3 Responses to “12 weeks, ish”

  1. Yay! 12 weeks is a big landmark. (Hans was totally unimpressed with the heartbeat too. I think he’d find it more interesting if the baby would moo at him or something.)

  2. we still haven’t heard ours, but we saw it on the ultra sound! such a wonderful sight! and you are SO lucky to not have had any morning sickness, so glad for you. mine went away two weeks ago and today I had some, it was so bad I couldn’t brush my teeth. in fact I still haven’t brushed them. :)

    Anyway, so glad everything is going great!

  3. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one whose teeth brushing does a serious nose dive in the first trimester ;-).

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