Jun 01 2010


So Johnny can do somersaults now. I didn’t know it was possible with kids that age! For the longest time he had been putting his head on the floor, but keeping his legs straight — sort of making a triangle. Looked like a yoga stretch.

I gave him a little help to roll the rest of the way over and he thought it was hilarious! And now he can do somersaults on his own. Some of them aren’t complete, but he’s getting better with each one and he has done good ones on his own!

What will this crazy guy come up with next?

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One Response to “Somersaults?”

  1. How cool is that?!?!

    Neither of my kiddos has ever attempted any somersaults… been trying to teach my 4 year old, but she’s just not getting it right now.

    Kids can be great entertainment, right?!

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