May 24 2010

Thoughts on LOST

Just so you know, I’m writing about the finale and thoughts from the series in general. If you aren’t caught up, come back and add your thoughts when you have. My post starts below the dots so you don’t accidentally peek at what I’ve written.



Shane and I started watching Lost right before season 3 started. We watched seasons 1 and 2 online and from borrowed DVDs from the library. We were hooked from the pilot (and really, that is one amazing pilot!).

There were so many bizarre things during that first season and a lot of mystery. The characters were so interesting and it was fascinating to watch the story develop.

Season 2 wasn’t my favorite. I didn’t care for the “tail-ies” people and their story lines. But it was ok. The drama with the Others was good.

There was crazy time-travel (still don’t fully understand that), seeming island mythology, drama, humor, love, and just storytelling like no other.

The show was shot sort of like a movie would be. Beautiful, really.

OK, so the finale.

It was 2.5 hours (with TONS of commercials, ugh!) of intensity. I loved the reunions and when the cast became “island enlightened.” It was just really touching!

When Jin and Sun saw their baby girl on the ultrasound and had their moment, it was so sweet! And Sawyer and Juliette and just everyone else.

This was all taking place in the “flash sideways” reality as we have come to know it. It seemed sort of an alternate reality during earlier episodes, but we later found out what it really was.

Back on the island, Jack was the new island protector and he had to figure out how to kill the smoke monster (who looks like old Locke). Desmond is lowered into the “light” and he moves a huge stone out of the middle, and everything goes bananas.

The light goes out, the earth starts to quake and the light source looks like a firey lava.

But whatever happened, the smoke monster was now vulnerable. Before, he couldn’t be injured. Bullets would just miss him or pass through him with no harm done. Now, when he was punched in the face he actually bled.

Kate shot him and Jack knocked him off the edge of a rocky cliff, where he died.

It’s not clear what would have happened if Smokey survived. The story made it sound like it would be the end of the world as we know it. Hard to say.

Jack is lowered into the light source thing, rescues Desmond, and then covers the hole with that big stone once more. The light comes back on and it seems all is fine.

Hurley is the new island protector (they do a weird initiation where the original protector gives the new one a drink of something and says, “Now you’re like me.” Ooookay?

But Smokey stabbed Jack and it would prove to be fatal.

Jack is able to climb back up, and he walks back into the bamboo forest not far away, and lays down at the spot where the first episode of the first season opens.

Vincent, the yellow lab, runs out of the woods and lays by his side.

Jack sees the airplane fly overhead, which is carrying Lapedis, Richard (first plane ride, I’m guessing!), Kate, Claire and Sawyer. He smiles as he knows they made it out.

Jack’s eye closes, and he dies.

Then we’re back in sideways world. (Or actually, that previous scene might have been at the end — my timeline is mixed up!).

All the former castaways are gathering. They’re all becoming island enlightened — suddenly re-aware of all that happened on the island. They remember. They remember the people that they once knew (and for whatever reason, in some cases had forgotten in the sideways world).

They’re all gathering in a church, where it looks like it might be the funeral for Jack’s father, who is weirdly named Christian Shepherd.

Jack touches the coffin and has his island enlightenment moment. He opens the coffin–empty. His father is standing behind him and speaks.

Jack realizes that he himself has died. Christian explains some key things — and I will need to rewatch it so I can pick up on anything else I may have missed.

But basically, he explains that where they are “now” (and “now” isn’t really a time, anymore) is the meeting place the island caraways have created so they could reunite later and move on together. Some sort of afterlife holding tank?

Christian says that everyone there has died. He says that some of them died before Jack, and some a long time after. So we can assume that some of them went on to live long lives after getting off the island.

Which sorta makes sense, because when I think back to the other scenes during the flash sideways, everyone is a little different. Most are a bit better off in the sideways world. Sawyer is a detective (whereas before, he was a con man). Ben is having a normal life on the mainland and he is influential to his island daughter, Alex.

Weirdly, Juliette and Jack were apparently married at some point and had their son, David. Definitely not how it happened in reality. David had a different mom, and Juliette and Jack never knew each other pre-island.

In a lot of ways, Sideways world mirrors the previous reality. They go through a lot of the same things but there are a few subtle differences.

So back at the “funeral”. Christian does explain that what happened in Jack’s life was real and really happened. So all the craziness that happened on the island? Happened. Just accept it, I guess.

He also explains that the people on the island were the most significant to him during his life, which is why they all wanted to meet up again later.

So Jack goes into the sanctuary and everyone looks so happy and they hug and cry and just look content, happy to be together once again.

Cuz really, some of their deaths were so, so sad (Jin and Sun! Charlie!).

Christian walks out the back door into a bright light.

On some message boards, some people seem confused about how it ended. Again, the island was real. The sideways world was when they were all dead, in the holding area.

So……..part of me was really satisfied with how it all ended, but part of me wishes a few more questions were answered. Lost was famous for leaving a bit of mystery, and I didn’t expect them to answer everything. But just a little more would be nice.

I AM taking issue with some reviewers and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who is saying that there are a lot of parallels with Christianity and other religions.

These people clearly do not have a firm understanding of what Christianity is all about.

Kimmel was saying how in life, you try to do good things and you have to make things right and how that’s similar to Christianity.

Um, no. Yes, you are supposed to follow the 10 Commandments, and follow God’s Word. But Christians believe that they are sinful and NOTHING — not good works, not being kind to people, not by making atonements — will save them for eternity. The only thing that can save us is God’s son, Jesus, who was divine and human and lived a sinless life. His death paid for our sins, and his ressurection showed that He conquered death. Believing in Him is what will get us to Heaven. That’s it.

So I’m really not liking some people comparing the show to Christianity.

Yes, there were some things that seemed spiritual in some ways. But certainly not Christian.

And an afterlife holding tank/purgatory thing? That’s just not how the Bible tells it.


It was a complicated show and I think I will need to watch it from beginning to end once more to see if I can make some more sense out of it.

What did you think of the show? Did you come to a different conclusion?

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