May 07 2010

He climbed out of his crib!

Well, the little guy decided he was breaking out of his crib last night. He woke up around 5 and started talking to himself a little. He did that the night before and went back to sleep on his own, so I was just listening to see if he would.

I heard a different kind of cry — a really scared one — so I went in to see what was going on.

The dude met me at the door! WHAT! What are you doing up, Johnny!?

He looked really scared and wanted lots of comfort.

I don’t think he hurt himself badly. I don’t know how he did it or how he landed. He seems to be ok.

We had been giving him a pillow to use since the crib mattress is hard as a rock (like it’s supposed to be) but it can’t be comfortable for him.

So I hope that he used the pillow for some extra height — and not just his baby brute strength and large, heavy head.

The pillow is gone. I think I’ll try him in the crib again and I’ll put some pillows around it I guess. I hope he doesn’t climb out again, but I am really not ready to convert the crib into a big-boy bed!

I was hoping he’d use the crib until well after the baby got here. That’s not too likely now.

Anyone know if Pack N Play walls are higher than cribs? Maybe I’ll put him in that.

4 Responses to “He climbed out of his crib!”

  1. My Little One has an *easier* time trying to climb the Pack N Play (no successes as of yet though) – the mesh walls give something to push the little feet against for climbing. Every kid is different, so maybe yours won’t like climbing it, or the change of venue might halt the climbing (or maybe he scared himself enough not to try again for a little while).

    Hope you get some clever ideas! Good luck!

  2. Wow! What an accomplishment!

    My Mom always had my siblings sleep in a pac n play and they never were able to climb out.

  3. A toddler I used to sit for had one of those tents over his crib that you zip them in. Kind of like a giant mosquito net for babies. Goofy looking, but it worked!

  4. Wow, he’s pretty young to be escaping already! My little guy was 2 in January and hasn’t climbed out yet, but I’ve caught him trying to put his leg over the edge a few times. Keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn’t escape.

    The pac n play that we have definitely has higher sides than the crib and so should be harder to climb out of. Oh and it’s certainly closer to the ground, just in case!

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