Apr 19 2010

Some rambling about pregnant things

Oh, I neglect this blog too much.

Anyway, in case you don’t read my main blog — I’m pregnant and due mid to late December 2010. ! I’m reluctant to have any specific date in mind, because babies just plain don’t care what the calendar says.

I was 38.5 weeks when Johnny was born, but this next one could be 41 weeks for all I know. So let’s just say sometime in later December. Probably before Christmas, but possibly not. Definitely 2010. That narrows it down, yeah?

I’m feeling pretty good. A little tired (but I can’t for sure say if it’s because of Baby #1 or Baby #2) but nothing I can’t handle. Smells are starting to become stronger. I had to practically run past the food court at the mall because it was just a bit overwhelming.

Vivid preggo dreams have begun. They are usually pretty interesting! No boy or girl dreams yet.

I think I’m a little bit early for any bits of morning sickness that may or may not crop up. I was around 7-8 weeks when I had it with Johnny, and it wasn’t horrible. There are some who claim that nursing while pregnant helps keep nausea down. Others find that it makes it way worse. I guess we’ll find out.

This time around, I think I’m feeling a lot more calm about it all. I know that it will take awhile for December to get here. I know that I have plenty of time to buy the VERY few items that I will need. And I know that I should just enjoy this time while we are a family of 3 and I have just one child. Why rush it along?

Last week, I was starting to really remember labor and all that it entailed. It was less than 16 months ago. That isn’t long enough to forget the rough parts! So for a little bit, I was scared. I thought, “Well maybe I can just give myself permission to have an epidural this time.”

And then I reread Johnny’s birth story and I read several of my friends’ unmedicated birth stories and I started to remember why I wanted an unmedicated birth in the first place.

Oh, and on April 9, my pal Renee welcomed her daughter into the world. I was at the birth center with her, caring for her 2-year-old son. Renee did a fantastic job! She sorta naturally induced herself since she was like 41.5 weeks. Corinne (Cora) was posterior (that’s also known as “sunny-side up”) and also had the back of her hand resting on her forehead as she made her debut.

What’s up with that, Cora!?

I haven’t gotten all the details from Renee yet, but I’m pretty sure it hurt.

But wow, folks. You should have seen Renee and Cora right after birth! Renee looked fantastic. She didn’t tear, either. She was calm, smiling and looked reasonably comfortable. Cora was alert and nursing fabulously. She cried if anyone dared to take her from her mama, and kept on rooting around for Renee.

Renee felt so good, that she went to church on the 11th. WHAT.

That, my friends, is a big reason for why I want another unmedicated delivery. (Well, yes, you may recall that I did have meds in my system — Cervidil to augment my labor and magnesium sulfate because of my pre-eclampsia.).

I DO think those two drugs made my labor harder. I am really really hoping they did, because I certainly had some rough patches, especially once I was in bed and couldn’t move around in a really effective way.

The Cervidil likely made my contractions more intense than they would have been otherwise. I think. And the magnesium sulfate just plain made me feel weird from the moment they started the line until they took it out 24 hours later. Cuz within 15 minutes after it was stopped, I felt really good.

The meds made it so I had continuous fetal monitoring. I had a mobile monitor so I could still labor while in the tub, but they were always slipping and the nurse came running all the time to get me to put the monitor in the proper location.

The mag. sulf. was through an IV line, and once that was administered around 1 a.m., I was stuck in bed. Ugh!

So this time around, I am hoping that I won’t have ANY drugs in my system. I am hopeful that labor will begin and progress without the help of modern medicine. Laboring ought to be a lot easier that way.

Plus, I want to feel great following delivery. Last time, I felt pretty darn good. I was alert and so was Johnny, and he nursed early and fairly well. But I think the mag. sulf. got in my way.

This time around, I’m hiring a doula. Since I will be in a hospital once again, I feel like I need her to sorta protect me from the medical staff. That sounds bad. But let me ‘splain.

Even though I saw a midwife, she wasn’t as “natural-friendly” as I had first thought. For one thing, she was ready to induce me only 6 hours after my water broke. Other midwives probably would have given me more time. In fairness, she DID give me the option to go home for a little while, but not long.

And HOW did she want to induce me? The first drug she mentioned was misoprostol (aka Cytotec). Informed mamas would be shocked at that. A midwife. Wanting to give me an off-label drug. A drug that the manufacturer warns should not be given to pregnant ladies. A drug that can cause uterine rupture (that means death for baby and mama). A drug that once administered, cannot be stopped. It’s bad news, folks. Avoid it.

So…when I told her that oh heck no, I didn’t want that, she suggested Cervidil or Pitocin, depending on my dilation at the time.

Cervidil is at least removable, and is specifically designed to soften the cervix and encourage contractions.

I wasn’t given Pit, and I’m glad. Pitocin is notorious for starting contractions but not necessarily productive ones. AND they are way stronger and more frequent than naturally occurring contrax and can legitimately cause fetal distress. Hi, c-section! Also, they woulda hurt lots. I probably would have caved and asked for an epidural.

There were several other things that happened during labor (and I will certainly describe those in more detail later). I am planning on seeing the same midwife group because my options under my insurance are really limited and I don’t have any other choices.

But, I do hope I have another midwife attending the birth this time.

Anyways, I will be more prepared. I’ll take better care of myself.

This post is long and rambly enough. kbye.

8 Responses to “Some rambling about pregnant things”

  1. Yay! I’m so happy we’re pregnant “together” again! :) I had a pretty great experience with the hospital and nurses last time but my doc was gone so I had her backup. He was ok, but pretty much only came in to catch the babe, plus I think he made me start pushing too soon.
    I cannot imagine laboring so long on your back! UGH! Hopefully you can be more mobile this time. I’m using a mid-wife at a hospital and I’m really encouraged my them so far. I’ll PM you with some other stuff. :)

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Cyctotec??? She was really going to give you that? Um, wow. Yeah. The only time I’d except that drug was if I miscarried and I wanted an easier alternative to a D&C. It’s supposed to be safe for that, but NOT for full-term live-baby mamas. Wow. Glad you knew not to take it!

  3. *accept

  4. Congrats on #2!

    And extra kudos for doing lots of research on birth and the drugs that they use. I highly commend you for doing your best to stay natural!

  5. The Cytotec and the quickness to augment labor really caught me off guard. I thought having a midwife meant that they automatically took a more natural approach, but I guess not!

    I will ask the midwife at my prenatal appt (as long as it wasn’t the same one!) what her thoughts are on it. I’m hoping that the entire practice isn’t like that. If it is, I will probably consider switching!

  6. Yeah, the problem is that some CNMs are really restricted by whatever the OB over them wants. So it could be that the OB is the one who demands augmentation of labor after 6 hours, never know. Not that it makes it any better for you, of course. . . it’s really good to get a midwife who has a non-pushy-for-non-important-reasons OB over her, but it’s sometimes hard.

    I also wonder if the 6 hours was for your pre-e, and if they’d normally do that? I don’t know.

  7. An early induction for pre-e would make sense, but my pre-e wasn’t diagnosed until I was in heavy labor. I was about 3 hours away from meeting Johnny by that point.

    It’s hard to say what happened!

  8. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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