Mar 15 2010

15-month checkup

On Saturday, Johnny will be 15 months old! He had his checkup with the pediatrician today.

He weighs 24 lbs. 12 oz. (50th percentile) and is 33 inches long (90 or 95th? Something high). His first measure was 33.5 and that was a bit high for him, so we redid it and he’s still way up there in height. My little boy will be taller than his mama one of these days! Maybe even taller than his daddy. We shall see.

He was NOT in a good mood at the doc’s. Maybe he vaguely remembers what goes on there, or maybe it’s because he was up a lot last night. He’s teething like mad right now and he’s so uncomfortable! Poor guy.

He has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. I’m hoping this round of teething will let a bunch more through so we can just get on with things.

Johnny loves to dance! We’ve tried to capture it on video but he always goes after the camera instead. He gets his feet going really fast and sometimes does some squats, or waves his arms like crazy, or does a jerky chicken/Elaine walk, or goes in a circle. Or sometimes he keeps it casual and just nods to the beat.

As soon as I turn on the radio he starts moving, even if I haven’t found a song for him yet.

My parents are in town visiting right now and he’s had fun dancing with my mom. I think she’s his preferred dance partner. He took 10-15 minutes to just stare them down and warm up to them, and after that he was ready to play. He’s sad when the leave the room or go outside without him and he likes to be held by them and to play with them.

One of his new tricks is we’ll ask him “Where’s your belly button?” and he lifts up his shirt and pokes at it. Haha! We’ve also sort of taught him where his nose is, but he usually just shoves a finger straight up it, so I think we’ll just forget about the nose for awhile.

He’s getting really good at doing laundry. He helps push the basket down the hall and he’ll load the washer, or take things out and hand them to me to put in the dryer. He also will put dirty clothes in the basket. Gotta love that!

He loves standing at his step stool and splashing in the bathroom sink. We were blowing  bubbles earlier today and he started blowing, but I don’t know if he was able to actually make a bubble.

Still pretty anti-bath. We might try a bath in the sink, in case he’s just afraid of the tub and not bathing in general.

He’s working on feeding himself with a spoon. I haven’t tried to teach him too much — I just hand him the spoon and sometimes help him find his mouth with it, but he does seem to enjoy and prefer using the spoon at times. I guess that’s a sign that he’s sorta civilized. Hee!

He likes peas (cooked frozen ones), pears, bananas, grapes, spaghetti, yogurt, cottage cheese, crackers, Cheerios and a whole bunch of other things. Yesterday, he ate sauerkraut! We had Reubens and he wanted some and had a bunch.

He’s growing out of a lot of his size 18-month clothes. Some still fit but some are on their last few wears. Fortunately, I’ve been able to borrow some summer 24-month clothes and we should be set for the season!

His shoe size is 6 and he’s pretty well anti-shoe. That’s fine if we’re inside, but that ain’t gunna cut it when we’re playing outside this spring/summer.

Johnny says “bye-bye,” “hi,” “yes” (on random occasion only…sometimes he’ll just nod), “mama” and I don’t know what else, if anything. My mom said he said “yellow” twice yesterday when she was showing him his yellow blocks. He babbles a lot but most of the time I don’t understand his words.

His favorite words seems to be “uh-oh.” He says that a lot and the “oh” part is a round circle with his mouth. He sometimes drops something just so he can say uh-oh!

He responds to our verbal instructions when he’s in the mood. Like, he’ll go get his ball or bring us something or come give us a hug or kiss.

Sleep has improved tremendously since his early months. We’ll do his sleepy-time routine and he’ll lay in his crib, push his Gloworm to play him a song and he’ll usually nod off to sleep without much help. He still does wake 1-2 times per night, though he does go back to sleep fairly quickly.

I don’t think there’s anything I can do to prevent that. He’ll grow out of it one of these days, right?

Oh, and Shane gave him his first haircut recently. Just a trim off the back and sides. He stood him on his step stool and set him up to play at the sink, and did a snip at a time. Shane says with each snip, he turned and stared for a second, and then went back to playing. Haha!

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  1. Hurray for a Johnny update! Glad to hear all is going well with your growing boy. I hope he and Abigail get to meet before he’s talking up a storm!

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