Sep 03 2009

Tidbits and a rant tangent

– Once Johnny figured out the concept of “move hand, move leg, move other hand, move other leg” he really has been crawling up a storm! It didn’t take much time once he got going. He saw another baby crawl, and I did some demonstrations and sorta helped him with the movements. The kicker was enticing him with toys and baby no-nos. Heh.

– He now crawls to me and tries to climb up my leg. If I’m across the room (or in another room even) and he wants me, he comes and finds me. It’s really sweet!

– Whenever we go to an unfamiliar place, he gets really quiet. I don’t know if he’s afraid or if he’s just doing a lot of quiet observation. He likes to stay close to me, and doesn’t explore much until he’s comfortable. I don’t know if this is a developmental thing or a temperament thing.

– I have no problem nursing wherever, whenever, but apparently Johnny does. As I mentioned in my previous post, he’s extremely distractable and will only really nurse if we’re in a dark, quiet room and both lying down. We were at the mall recently and there was a mom nursing in the mother’s room attached to the bathroom. I thought, hey neat! I’ll nurse too and we’ll chat. Though I was sure Johnny was hungry, he just wouldn’t nurse. Ugh!

– I am so irritated at people who have problems with women breastfeeding in public — covered or not. Grow up, people! This isn’t about you and your insecurity. The mom isn’t trying to be indecent. She hopes she won’t flash you. But if you are STARING AT HER CHEST (shame on you for doing that, no matter if she’s nursing or not!) then you might see a little bit of flesh. Are you really trying to tell me that a small amount of skin exposed TO FEED AND COMFORT A CHILD is a horrible thing that should be done in private?

Is it really worse than some people you see at a beach or swimming pool? Or someone whose clothes are way too small and their belly or butt crack is hanging out? Do you tell Pumber Butt to cover it up? Maybe not, because you wouldn’t want to humiliate them. Instead, you just look away. Right? RIGHT?

Oh, and don’t tell her to just pump and feed her kid with a bottle, or give formula. For one, some babies (like mine) don’t take bottles! And for two, that’s way harder on the mom.

And to men who have problems with moms nursing — I’m getting the vibe that these are the same kinda guys who go to strip clubs and look at porn. So, boobies for your own enjoyment are ok, but for babies it’s bad?

So look somewhere else if you think you might be offended. Let the mom nurse in peace. Don’t be a jerkhead. It’s just a boob!

– I saw a woman walking around the grocery store with a blanket over her chest and a small little baby head peeking out. She was nursin’ and walkin’! The baby was quite young. I caught the mama’s eye and gave her a big ol’ smile, and she smiled back. I didn’t have Johnny with me, but hopefully she got the message that I was happy for her. I remember the days when I could walk and nurse. Heck, I remember the time when I was at my 6-week postpartum checkup and nursed while taking off my shoes and pants, then put them back on without breaking his latch!

Johnny is pretty durn big now. Don’t think I could nurse and walk for long, even if he would let me.

– Michelle Duggar is expecting her 19th child. Her 18th was born just two days before Johnny. That’s pretty impressive! People on teh internet seem to be giving her family a hard time. Leave them alone! They’re great parents and based on their TV show, the kids are polite, intelligent members of society. They’re doing a better job with their 18+ than a lot of families do with just one or two.

Some criticise their views that children are gifts from God, and that using birth control is sinful. You might disagree. But what does the Bible say? What if the Duggars are right?

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  1. Totally agree with you about breastfeeding. And the Duggars. My baby is about 7-8 weeks younger than yours, and she also has become very choosy about where she will nurse. If there’s too much going on, she won’t do it. And I cannot be talking under any circumstances. (This becomes a little challenging since I also have a 2.5 year old.) I wish more public places would have a private place to nurse, not because I’m unwilling to cover up and just do it, but because of the difficulty of nursing a distractable baby.

    Oh, and to solve the bare back problem of nursing, I bought a couple of nursing tanks to wear under my shirt. I mostly wear them when I know I’m going out, and I feel a lot more comfortable knowing my midsection is staying covered.

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