Jul 21 2009

Baby things we’ve “retired”

Some baby gear has already made its way into storage for future babes. Good grief! I don’t have much space to store stuff, either.

We’ve packed away:

  • Bouncy seat — my mom bought this for Johnny when he was around 3 months old. He seemed to get a kick out of it and it was a safe place to set him nearby while I had my hands busy (preparing dinner, etc.). Too big for it now.
  • Pack n play — he’s not too big for it, but he seems to hate being in it. He’ll scream, twist, cry and generally throw a fit. It was helpful in the early months when we used the changing table attachment, and we also used it as a safe place to lay him down for quick moments. We’ll still maybe take it with us when we travel.
  • Swing — oh, my beloved swing. Lasted from 2 weeks of age through about 6 months. The swing saved my sanity early on, when he would only sleep in my arms, on my chest, or in that swing. I had to sleep too, ya know! I remember one afternoon lying on the floor next to it, pushing it faster than the motor would go since that’s all that would soothe him. I tried to doze. It was kinda pitiful.
  • Edited to add: Bumbo seat. My pal Renee lent us her son’s Bumbo chair. Johnny fit in it for a short while, though he seemed confused as to why he was in the contraption most of the time. I thought it was cute.
If we went with the infant car seat, I know we’d already be done with that. Glad I don’t have to store one of those, too!
In addition, I have lots of clothes that he’s already outgrown. He’s in size 9 months now, but I try to squeeze him in some size 6 months, depending on the cut of the item. He’s just too long for size 6 these days. When I have him in a big, bulky diaper, the 9s are pretty snug, too.
There’s a big kid’s stuff consignment sale coming up in September, and I plan to hit it up and get the next few sizes.
Babies grow so fast!

2 Responses to “Baby things we’ve “retired””

  1. It is so hard! We’ve retired:
    -swing (she never liked it)
    -bouncy seats (2!)
    -jumperoo, which she all of a sudden decided was trying to eat her alive
    -a TON of clothes (she’s in 6-9 months but outgrowing it quickly!)
    -pack and play except for travel
    -PUMP as of today!!!

    I’ll admit I’ve spent a lot of today looking at other people’s tiny baby pictures on Facebook. I want a tiny baby again.


  2. I was just telling my husband we need to pack up some items for storage. Your list is almost identical to mine. We’re also packing up the baby gym which she never really liked. Oh, and the infant car seat…as soon as my husband installs the convertible car seat.

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