May 21 2009

A relaxation technique for expectant mamas (and others!)

I have a few friends who are having babies sometime this summer. This post is for y’all. 

In my Bradley Method childbirth class, we learned a variety of relaxation techniques. One of these I still use whenever I’m tense, preparing to have blood drawn, a dental procedure done, or the like. You simply concentrate on a few areas of the body, making sure those areas are as relaxed as possible.
For me, these areas are my face, fists and shoulders. More specifically, I make sure my jaw and forehead are totally relaxed. I find that if I concentrate on keeping these areas totally limp, the rest of my body follows suit.
As you prepare for childbirth, why not practice keeping those areas relaxed? Or, if you notice that another part of your body is routinely tense, add that to your list of areas to consciously relax.
Even if you plan on having an epidural, you’ll still be in active labor before the epi is administered (unless you’re being induced or whatever). It’ll be good to have some relaxation techniques to get you through it while you wait on the anesthesiologist. And, while you’re sitting impossibly still for the epi, you’ll want to be relaxed, no?
Another benefit of consciously relaxing certain areas of your body is it serves as a distraction from the pain. 
I found that when I was in labor and my body was mostly relaxed, my pain was much less than when I was tensed up.
Hope this tidbit can help you!

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  1. The Natural Mommy was just telling me about relaxing (she’s taking a Bradley class too) I was trying to figure out how to stay relaxed during the pain! Thanks for sharing! I want to get to the hospital a little earlier this time (no more delivering in the ER, too many people watch when you do that. )

    Jess last blog post..Good Morning!

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