May 20 2009

5 months for Johnny!

My little Johnnycake is 5 months old today! I feel bad for not updating this blog more often. After all, I found time to give weekly pregnancy updates. Obviously I had more time while pregnant. Having baby changes, oh, everything.

Johnny is now in size 3 diapers and has been for maybe two weeks. He was simply soaking through the size 2s overnights and they were starting to get tight. I have a few packs of size 2s left and I’ll exchange them for 3s later on.
I’m estimating that he’s getting close to 17 pounds, though my home scale isn’t sensitive enough to know for sure. He’s certainly feeling heavier and looks longer.
I have a 25-gallon storage container full of clothes he’s already outgrown. He’s mostly in the six-month size, but it really depends on the brand. Johnny’s Aunt Shannon sent him some cute PJs from Baby Gap and they say size 12 months, but he fits into them perfectly now.
Johnny is quite alert and smiley much of the time. He looks around, drools, munches on his fingers and even his toes! He’s now able to grab things like teething rings, blankets and other people’s fingers and he puts them in his mouth.
Yesterday, I was holding corn on the cob (first of the season! must be shipped from some other country…) and I held it close to his mouth to see what he’d do. He clamped down on it and started sucking away. Heh.
He seems pretty interested in food. I’m not quite ready to start giving him solids, but we are getting close. He’s had little tastes of some fruits and veggies and seems to get a kick out of it. 
Nursing is still going well and he is much more efficient with feeding quickly. He sometimes completes a full feeding in 10 minutes or less (I’m guessing — I don’t time it).
Shane is good at making Jonathan laugh. I make him cackle or giggle. Shane makes an exaggerated face and then tickles him or covers his face with a burp cloth. I’ll blow raspberries on his belly or will clap his hands together.
He’s getting better at sleeping during the night, but he has a keen sense of mommy radar. If I’m not within arm’s reach or closer, he’ll wake up. Every time. I don’t know if he can sense my body heat, sounds of my breathing or scent or what the deal is, but the guy is good. 
For the sake of my sanity and everyone’s sleep, Johnny sleeps in my bed. Yeah, yeah, I know when I was pregnant how adamant I was about him only sleeping in a crib. Oh, how little did I know. 
It works well for now, but eventually we’ll transfer him to his own sleeping space and then his own room.
I work really hard at making sure he gets good naps throughout the day. At the first sign of his tiredness/fussyness, I feed him and then lay him down or put him in his swing. The swing works really well at times, but we’re starting to try to wean him off of it. 
He sometimes screams his head off in the car, and it’s just awful. If we’re more than a few minutes from our destination, we’ll pull over and try to calm him down, but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes he’s fine with being in the car but it’s a crapshoot.
Johnny rolls over from his tummy to his back, but never the other way around. He doesn’t seem to like being on his belly much, so he has no motivation to roll that way I guess. 
He babbles and squawks and has lots of conversations with himself and us. It’s a hoot!
Bathtime is loads of fun. I put him in the tub and he just seems so relaxed. He’ll splash and kick and carry on.
I just love him to bits and I’m excited to see what new things he’ll do this month!

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  1. I feel bad for you about him crying in the car. My first cried all the time in the car, too and it was awful! Trust me when I tell you I know how you feel. There were times when I would be in tears just trying to get home while he cried and cried. Well, rest assured, he will out grow it. My little car-crying is 11 yrs old now and he doesn’t cry at all when we ride in the car now LOL 😉

    Seriously, with time, it will get better. I found it improved when the time came to put the car seat forward facing.

    And baby sleeping in your bed? Well, hun, you gotta do what you gotta do. I’ve got 4 kiddos now and my 3 yr old (the baby) is still in our bed. You know what? We LOVE it! He won’t be there forever. Enjoy it while you can. My DH just loves having our youngest snuggle up with us at night. It’s a very special time that is over in the blink of an eye.

    Julies last blog post..True Love

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