Jan 05 2009

My brain, it’s melting

K. This post probably reflects how scattered my brain is. I’m on baby time now, and that means my sleep is rare and intermittent. Bear with.

Johnny turned two weeks old on Saturday. He has baby acne on his forehead. Aww…the little guy thinks he’s a teenager! I hope it clears up soon, because it’s taking away from his cuteness just a little.

I had an appointment with the midwives on Friday. My darling parents visited us from last Monday until Friday morning, so it was just Jonathan and I out there in the world.

Backtrack: My parents were such a tremendous help to us. They cooked, cleaned, did miscellaneous projects around the apartment, kept me company duing his late-night fussy time, and were just generously fabulous. I miss them and I wish they didn’t have to leave! It was so great watching them hold their first grandchild. Being a grandparent has got to be the most fun. I’m looking forward to it in 20+ years! Shane’s parents and brother are heading over later this week. Yay!

Back to our first solo trip out. It went well. I bundled him up, grabbed a baby carrier, and headed out the door.

You might recall that we chose a convertible style car seat instead of an infant carrier. I do see the appeal of having an infant carrier, in that you can put them in it in a warm house and you also have a place to set them down. But ya know what, our convertible seat is working just fine. He doesn’t fuss (much) when I snap him in. And when we’re out, I’ve been putting him in a sling. He’s fine with that, I think.

He slept the entire time we were gone.

On Sunday, our family of three headed out for our first non-medical trip in public. We went to Babies R Us. I felt comfortable with that since I knew they have a room for nursing mothers to do their thing in private.

I loaded Johnny into my Baby K’Tan, zipped my coat around us both, and we all headed inside. We were there for an hour or so, and at least three people said something like, “What a tiny baby!” to us. Yep! He’s pretty tiny still.

The day before my water broke, Shane’s co-workers threw him a mini baby shower and gave him a gift card to BRU. So, we used that to buy a nursing cover, some vitamin drops (apparently exclusively breastfed babies might not get enough vitamin D, so we’re supplementing that so he doesn’t get rickets. Cuz that’s no good), more newborn-sized diapers, and a swing.

The swing seems cool enough — it glides, rocks, plays music and loads the dishwasher. Er, almost. It provides a place to put the baby while I load the dishwasher. I could put him in a sling and do that, but I find that bending over while wearing a newborn is too scary for me. Slings work best when mama is upright, in my opinion.

While buckling him into his swing, I caught his tiny arm in the buckle and pinched him. D’oh! He cried for a second, but I don’t think he was hurt too badly. It broke my heart to know that I caused him pain :(. Good thing he’s more durable than he looks.

One of Shane’s coworkers gave us an electric breast pump. I used it for the first time today. What a bizarre device. I definitely prefer nursing to pumping. Pumping was somewhat uncomfortable and it made me feel like a cow being milked.

Jonathan is coming up on a growth spurt (I’m expecting it to hit when he’s about three weeks old) and I want to help increase my supply to help with those frequent feedings that are coming. I’ve been pumping after he’s finished nursing to help empty out my boobs and increase my production.

I didn’t realize that they also have a little growth spurt around seven to 10 days of age. Well, when Johnny was 10 days old, that was the day he nursed for a long time. So yeah, I’ve gotta get ready!

Until he’s a month old, I’m supposed to nurse him every three hours around the clock, with one feeding that can go four hours apart. This is not easy. Nursing him this often usually means I have to wake him. Waking a sleepy baby is not my favorite thing.

And, especially for middle-of-the-night feedings, I’m exhausted. I don’t always wake up. I either don’t hear my alarm or I fall back asleep before I actually feed him. If Johnny cries, I wake up, so maybe I should change my phone alarm ringtone to the sound of his cry.

So anyway, I’ve gone five hours between feedings on at least one occasion. I think I might have gone six hours between feedings the other day (or was it today? I have no idea), but there’s a chance I got in a feeding in the middle so I don’t know. The thing is — I cannot remember.

He’s getting the appropriate number of wet and dirty diapers, so I do know he’s being fed. I just worry that these missed feedings will affect his growth and my supply during these early weeks.

Speaking of, it’s time for another feeding. It’s exactly three hours since the last one, and he’s actually starting to wake up on his own! YAY!

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  1. Glad to hear things are going so well.

    My daughter had what we thought was baby acne – she had little whitehead pimples and our dr. told us her skin was dry. I thought she was completely crazy – but I did eventually try putting cetaphil lotion on her face, and it cleared it up. He might not have the same thing – but just thought I’d thow it out there!

    I just read your main page of your blog – I can’t believe that about the used children’s clothing stores! So unfair!

  2. First off Congrats! I didn’t get the opportunity too since life has been busy with the holidays.

    But I wanted to reply, from one breast feeding Mommy to the other. Your going to worry, Lord knows I did, probably way to much. But as long as he has the right number of diapers for poops and pees, your doing fine. I understand not hearing the alarm, I think I did that all to often. Exhaustion just hits sometimes, everyone understands that.

    Again congrats and enjoy that new bundle of joy, they grow up alll to fast!

  3. Congrats! You are doing great!

    Some unsolicited advice – ditch the alarm. As long as he’s having the right # of diapers, if he goes longer than 3 hours between a feeding it is not really a big deal.

    This from mama to two breastfed kids, one of which is still nursing. The clock will lead to your madness 😉 One of mine spaced out a lot and she did just fine and was actually sleeping through the night consistently at like 3 months old. One nursed 24/7 for, well… a long time and didn’t sleep through the night until he was 3. lol.

    paidtwices last blog post..Is The Latte Factor Really The Point After All?

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