Dec 30 2008

Happy birthday, Liberty Ann!

Yay! My bloggy pal Stacy had her daughter, Liberty Ann, this morning! Woo hoo!

A fellow Bradley mom, Stacy was able to birth her daughter without pain meds. Stacy, you are a super star.

Funny enough, Stacy and I traded due dates. She was due on the 20th; and my son was born that day. I was due today, the 30th, and she had Libby today.

In her 36th-week post, she recognized that many first-time moms go 10 days late. I guess there’s some real truth to that!

I think it might be a little easier to go 10 days early than 10 days late.

Anyway, pop over to her blog and wish her well!

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One Response to “Happy birthday, Liberty Ann!”

  1. Thanks, Kacie!! We’re home and doing great! I can’t wait to swap stories! Good luck on those late night nursing sessions, I’ll be up too. 😉

    Stacys last blog post..Happy Birthday Libby!!

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