Dec 10 2008

Kate is here! Who’s next?

I have several bloggy friends who are due with babies around the same time as me.

Frugal Chick had her daughter, Kate, at 33.5 weeks on Friday. Hop over and wish her the best!

Who will be next? Will it be Erin and her little girl? I’m sure she hopes she’s next, as she’s like 41 weeks and is starting the induction process.

Or maybe Stacy? She’s 38.5 weeks along with her little girl.

Carrie is about 38.5 weeks along with her son. Sounds like she’s having some bouts of false labor.

Or maybe it’ll be me and my 37-week little boy. I’ve been having some false labor, too. And my social calendar is filling up, so that probably means Baby Boy will try and crash the party, heh. Who knows?

P.S., am I missing anyone? I feel like I am. If you’re due soon, pipe in and remind me, ok?

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One Response to “Kate is here! Who’s next?”

  1. Yah for bloggy friends! And now I have more blogs to stalk. :) Can’t wait to see all the precious babes!

    Stacys last blog post..The famous photo

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