Dec 06 2008

CPR class

On Saturday, Shane and I attended a 4.5-hour course on infant and child CPR and first aid. It cost $40 each, and I think it was worth it. Shane had previously been CPR-certified for adults, but hadn’t had training for infants and children. I’d never had hands-on training.

Our small class each had a child-sized and infant-sized manikin to rescue.

In the CPR portion of the class, we learned the technique and steps to follow. We also learned about AEDs and how they can help people over one year of age. Finally, we learned anti-choking techniques.

We took a short break for lunch and returned to learn more about first aid. Since there are so many things that can require first aid, you really can’t hope to cover all topics in the class. I don’t think I learned anything new here, but it was a good refresher.

I hope we’ll never have to use our CPR training, but it’s nice to know its there. We’ll be practicing on teddy bears periodically so we won’t forget what to do.

Next week, we’ll have a class on newborn care. I hope it’s beneficial!

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  1. That is so great! Kris teaches CPR, and every time he teaches Infant and child it makes me so happy! It makes me feel safer for my kids, knowing there are more people in the world that could save them if (God forbid) they should ever choke or stop breathing.
    Good for you guys! The peace of mind definitely has to be worth the money!

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