Dec 05 2008

36-week appointment update

Fully clothed and wearing boots, I weighed in at 160.3 at my 36-week appointment on Thursday. Holy smokes. If you’re keeping score, I started out at 136, and lost a few pounds in my first weeks. Net gain is like 24 pounds, which is right on target.

BP is 120/80, yay.

I had my Group B Strep test today, and the results should be in by my appointment next week.

When midwife Tina measured my belly, she was perplexed. I was 32-33cm. Two weeks ago, I was 33 cm. In theory, I should have been 34-36 cm today. Because of this, she wanted to do an internal exam to gauge the position of the baby’s head.

Just as I had suspected, he’s dropped and fully engaged in my pelvis. She said he was at “zero station.”

That just means he’s found his way to the exit. It could be weeks yet before he decides to actually move out of his little home.

A station is measured from -3 to +3, (some OBs use a -5 to +5 scale). Basically, it relates to where the baby’s head is located. A -3 means the baby is floating around still and hasn’t engaged. A +3 means the baby is crowning and is almost out. I think.

My back sort of feels like it really needs to pop. Like there’s a buildup of pressure in the lower part of my spine, ya know? Maybe it’s because of the pressure of Baby’s head on me. Yah. That could be the reason. A small person is head-butting me in the uh, butt, after all.

I know it’s going to be a lot of work to move his head three measly centimeters. Whatever. We’re up for it!

So since he’s positioned pretty low, that could affect my belly’s size. I’ve gained a few pounds in the last two weeks, so that’s a good sign. If my belly is still on the small side next week, I might get another ultrasound.

I just wish they’d stop worrying about his size. There’s a lot of room for me to “hide” a baby, that’s all. He’s fine. I know this for a fact, y’all.

She said my cervix was softening, but it was sort of situated far back and she said it would be uncomfortable for me if she tried to check possible dilation. Thanks for sparing me that, midwife Tina! I’m glad I don’t know if/how much I’m dilated. It could still be weeks before anything happens, and whatever the result, it can’t predict when true labor will begin.

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  1. Everything sounds good!! I’ll bet you’re right and since you’re so long-waisted (is that not a word? :) ) he just has more room! Yeah I feel like my little one has been dropping more in the last few days. Very interesting pressure! It’s making things a little more uncomfortable but not impossible. A girl I know due a few days before me is a nurse and she’s working up to when she gives birth. I do not know how she’s doing that!!
    Glad things are going well! We’re getting so close!!

    Stacys last blog post..37 weeks!

  2. Alexis never did drop, so I’m thinking you’re all set to at least not go past due. It won’t be long now!

    Burgh Babys last blog post..Some Prisoners Are Kind Enough to Give Me Space

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