Dec 03 2008

Oh won’t you stay, just a little bit longer?

***Disclaimer*** Family, I’m not in labor. I’m probably not going to have this baby for awhile. Don’t get your hopes up, and don’t call and ask if I’m in labor. I will be annoyed. Kthx. :)


So last night, I had regular contractions for at least an hour. I was trying to go to sleep when I noticed they were coming sort of regularly, so I thought I’d time them. Yep, every ten minutes.

They fizzled out, as I thought/hoped they might, but still it made me think that I really need to get my tush in gear!

These things weren’t like the Braxton-Hicks contractions I’d been having for the last few months. With the B-H, it was just an all-over tightening that I could see and feel. It wasn’t painful, but slightly uncomfortable if I tried to move too much before it was over.

The ones last night were low instead of all over. I wouldn’t call it painful, but there was some discomfort similar to a PMS-y cramp feeling. Lasted for a little bit, then went away. Then came back 10 minutes later.

I got up, went to the bathroom and then fixed myself a bowl of cereal. Then, I thought the best thing to do would be to try to get some sleep. If it petered out, fine, I’d get some rest. And if this was the real deal, I’m pretty sure I’d wake up. Cuz I don’t think many people have babies while they’re sound asleep.

I know that these sorts of contractions can happen for many weeks before anything really happens, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

I just hope that he gives me at least a few more days to get things ready. First of all, last night when I was flossing, part of a filling for a cavity popped out. Yes, that happened to me just a few months ago. This time, it was a different tooth.  I’m hoping I can get in there sometime today to have it looked at and fixed. I do think my current dentist filled that one, as well as the last one she had to fix. I’ll have her check my records to make sure it was that tooth, and if it was, then I’ll have her repair it but then I’ll switch to a new dentist.

A few months ago, she scraped a small filling loose and I had to have it repaired. One time, ok. But two? It’s making me think she’s not very good at cavities. I don’t have time to go find a new dentist right now, and I barely have time to get this fixed as it is. I’m annoyed.

So yah, there’s one reason why I need this little guy to stay put.

Number two: He doesn’t have a pediatrician yet. Whoops. I’m working on it, but it’s not so easy. We might just have to go with our best guess and if we need to switch later on, then that’s what we’ll have to do.

Number three: I haven’t had my Group B strep test yet. That’s tomorrow, and I believe it takes a few days for the results to come back. I understand that if you haven’t had the test done, it’s standard proceedure to give a laboring lady an IV of antibiotics, just in case she’s positive for the bacteria. I’d really hate to have an unnecessary IV.

Number four: His room isn’t totally ready and the house isn’t in order. These things are totally minor, but not having them done would cause me unnecessary stress. I need to do some more batches of his laundry, get rid of some junk in there, and do some heavy-duty cleaning.

Four compelling reasons why he should stay put for a little while longer, yeah?

So if anything, last night’s little episode was a good reminder for me that he’s going to show up whether we’re ready or not, so it would do me some good to finish getting ready. I still could be pregnant for six more weeks, in theory. But, I’m starting to think he really is going to be here this month.

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  1. I know those early contractions do important work too, but they felt like such a tease to me. :) I hope baby comes closer to when YOU want him to.

    On the tooth thing: You may want to ask/read around before you leave your current dentist: It may be significant that both these fillings fell out when you were pregnant. (I have no factual knowledge that this is the case, just thinking it was an odd coincidence.) I remember reading that hormone/mineral/blood volume changes can really affect the teeth and gums when you’re pregnant — that might be an interesting challenge for a dentist. And the relevant thing would be I remember reading about women having teeth break: but how much of a rarity that is if you take your prenatals and eat well? I don’t know.

    Or it may be as you think right now, and your current dentist is just not very good at fillings. Sorry you have to deal with the complication right now!

  2. Ya know, I think you’re right. My teeth issues are probably pregnancy-related, which is strange….but as you said, our hormones are doing crazy things right now.

    In the past few weeks or so, I’ve noticed my teeth have been stained in patches. This has never happened before! It might be my raspberry leaf tea (hope not!) or just another pregnant tooth thing.

    I just got back from the dentist and she put a temporary fill on the cavity since she didn’t want to use anesthesia cuz of the baby. I’ll go back in a few months and have her do a proper repair.

    She was able to buff off the staining, which was nice.

    I really do like her, and I don’t want to switch. I think she actually is a perfectly good dentist; it’s just I’m having crazy problems I guess.

  3. How exciting!! You’re right thought, it could be longer. My SIL had contractions for weeks before she delivered and she went a week over her due date. I haven’t had any real ones yet but those BH’s are a pain!
    Crazy about your teeth!! Hormones do crazy things to us, like I haven’t been able to wear my contacts the last 4 months.
    We don’t have a pediatrician yet either, but we scheduled a consultation on Monday. I joined a local nursing mom’s group and they suggested this group of docs. We’re going to ask them some questions but I’m hoping we don’t have to ‘shop around’ too much!
    Good luck on your to-do’s I’ve got some myself!!

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  4. Oh, I agree with your compelling reasons for baby to stay put a little bit longer. But our babies might not so I guess we should get cracking on cleaning the house and all that good stuff.

  5. Kacie, have you checked out There are message boards there that are WONDERFUL and you could possibly find a good ped there. Good luck!

  6. Eeeeee Kacie, I am getting so excited for you! But it sounds like you have a little more work to do before baby boy gets here :) I hope he stays put until you’re ready, but even if he doesn’t, you’re so on top of things — I’m sure everything will be just fine. I can’t wait to see the baby pics!!

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  7. Wow, I never had any real contractions until I went into labor. But I do know some people have them for weeks. In regards to your above post about dates and such–I guarantee that as you go through these final weeks you will be SO happy when you go into labor you won’t care when it is. The last weeks are tough. Hang in there!!


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