Dec 02 2008

Guess the birth date and weight!

I’m nine months pregnant! 36 weeks! Oh man!

Just for fun, I’d love it if you’d guess my baby’s birthdate and weight. You won’t win a prize, but you will have the satisfaction of being right! Who doesn’t love that?

On December 9, I’ll be 37 weeks and technically full-term.

My technical due date is Tuesday, December 30. The absolute latest I’ll go will be January 13, which is when I’d be 42 weeks. I’d probably be induced at that point (let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!).

So, let’s say he could be born anytime between December 9 and January 13.

I was born nine days before my mom’s due date. My little sister was born on her due date (it was on her own — no induction). We each weighed 7 lbs. and a few ounces.

Shane was born a few weeks early, but he’s a twin so that skews things a little.

If you need any more details before you make your guess, lemme know!


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15 Responses to “Guess the birth date and weight!”

  1. hm…

    Dec 28
    4:00 am
    8lbs 2 oz
    21 inches

    lol :-)


    Nicholes last blog post..My tree!

  2. December 15th
    7lbs 2 oz
    20 inches

    :) YAY!

    Jess last blog post..A fun, Crazy trip!

  3. December 31
    7 lbs, 9 oz.
    22″ (cuz you’re tall) :)
    Those are my guesses!

    Stacys last blog post..Guess her birthday!!!

  4. Jan 3
    12:05 p.m.
    9 lbs 3 oz

    (I’m guessing a big kid! Though actually the smallest of my sibs …)

  5. December 26
    8 lbs, 6 oz
    22 in

    Kookaburras last blog post..Free Shipping on ANY order!

  6. Lol! Wow, I guess I’m giving off the “I grow big babies” vibe.

  7. Hopped over from the saving part of your blog–I have to play, as my son was born 1/7/08.

    My prediction?
    11:37 am
    7lbs 6 oz
    20.5 inches

    Best of luck to you!

  8. I have been following you since the beginning of your pregnancy. It seems like you have been pregnant a long time—does it feel like that to you?

    My guess is:

    12:12 p.m.
    7lbs 1 oz
    22.5 inches

    Good Luck!!

  9. Hey Ann,

    In some ways, it does seem a long time, since we found out around the end of April and we’ve been through much of spring, summer and much of fall now.

    At the beginning, it seemed like December was a million years away. Once I hit the third trimester, things have been going much quicker!

  10. I’ve been following your savings blog since last spring and your personal blog since shortly after that. It does feel like a long time, but I’m so excited for you and I don’t even know you!

    My guesses:
    10:17 am
    7 lbs. 10 oz.
    21 inches

    Jeanettes last blog post..Reds

  11. My guess:

    @ 10 pm
    7.5 lbs
    23 inches (because you and Shane are both tall!)

    I’m so excited for you!

    FRUGALCHICKs last blog post..More Ideas For Cutting Household Expenses

  12. I don’t understand birthweights and such, but as a pre-Christmas baby (the 19th) I genuinely hope he is born after. Not to say your child won’t be completely selfless or mind sharing his birthday with Christmas, but as a young girl I didn’t particularly like getting ignored.

    So with that, I’m gonna go with anywhere between the 26th and the 31st–hopefully you can save some money on your taxes (best frugal tip ever).

  13. 8lbs 2oz was my first guess, but I feel guilty saying that after seeing others had posted it. And right around 18 inches!

  14. Birthdate: Dec 30
    Time: 11:15 a.m.
    Weight: 7lbs
    Length: i have no idea what a reasonable guess is for this (!)

  15. I can’t believe you’re almost due! I can’t wait to see the little guy (well, pictures of him!). :)

    Date: 12/20/08 (’cause that’s my hubby’s birthday)
    Time: 10:59pm (’cause that’s the time of MY birth)
    Weight: 7lb. 3 oz.
    Length: 19.5″

    I hope the labor goes well :)

    Becky@FamilyandFinancess last blog post..Financial Goals 2008: Where Did the Year Go?

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