Nov 30 2008

What we’ve been up to lately

After working for 10 days straight and without adequate time to recover from his trip to Amsterdam, Shane had Thanksgiving through Sunday off. Yay! He really deserved it. We spent the time together, just relaxing and getting things organized around here.

For Thanksgiving, we watched the Macy’s parade on TV and then the dog show afterward, while munching on cinnamon rolls Shane so kindly popped into the oven. After he took a bath and I took a nap, we started making our quick and convenient dinner of ham, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, and rolls. Everything came together and tasted yummy. I don’t regret taking the easy way out.

On Friday, we did manage to do some shopping, though we didn’t head out until the late afternoon. We went to Joann fabrics and Target, and Target again the next day. Minimal crowds and lines. It was nice.

We have just about all of our Christmas shopping done (all that’s left are presents for each other!) and we’ve bought just about everything I hoped to have on hand before the baby is born. This week, I’ll order a sling and I’ll head to the mall and get a nursing bra or two to get me started. Other than that, I think we’re pretty much set.

Not long ago, Shane was lounging on our futon, and the crazy thing broke. Part of the frame snapped, and the only way to fix it would be to weld it back together. Considering we sort of hated the futon anyway, and picked it up for $40 used, we didn’t feel all that bad about parting with it.

Shane disassembled it and we carried the thing to the dumpster. Bye! At first, we thought we wanted to get a couch to put in its place. But now, we think that we’ll just use the furniture we have and get a couch some other time. Maybe when we move to a bigger place?

For starters, our living room isn’t huge. It feels a bit cramped with a couch in it, and now we’ll have more floor space for the baby to crawl about.

Plus, we don’t have a truck and we don’t know anyone with a truck. Getting a couch to our apartment (and to the third floor) would be more hassle than it’s worth.

So for now, we have a recliner and the Price is Right chair with ottoman in our living room. That’s one chair each — and if we have people over, we can also use our dining chairs, exercise ball and even some floor pillows if we wanted.

This weekend, we rented a Rug Doctor and cleaned all the carpets and our recliner. It didn’t take too long and it wasn’t difficult. The machine rental was about $30 and we paid about $18 for the cleaner and anti-foam. It’s taking awhile for everything to dry, but I can already tell that it looks so much better. I’m glad we finally did that. Who knows when they were last cleaned? I don’t.

In the baby’s room, we set up a shelf for books and I finished organizing the closet. Just a few more bits of organizing, and it’ll be ready to go!

We hope to get our Christmas tree set up early this week and get a few more things organized. I’ll feel a lot better about things if we can get these little projects finished.

We’re really making progress and I want to keep the momentum going while we still can.

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  1. Ooh, the nesting bug. I’m glad to hear you’re almost set for the baby. I can’t wait for my husband to be done with our floors so that I can get started on organizing our baby’s room.

  2. I love how it feels to have a project done and out of the way right now. Glad you’re able to make some space in a smaller apartment as well (that was one of our challenges too)!

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