Oct 08 2008

Belly too small, carseat too big?

Well crud.

Just got back from my 28-week checkup. Took the glucose test and I should hear back tomorrow or Friday if there’s a problem.

The sugar drink they give you isn’t as terrible as everyone says. Mine tasted like flat, extra-sweet Sprite. Not something I’d choose to wash down my dinner, but it was tolerable until the last few sips when I started to get a sugar overload!

Anyway, my belly is measuring 24 centimeters, and it should be closer to 28 right about now. It was 24 cm three weeks ago, and measured by the same midwife.

I’m pretty certain my belly has gotten bigger in that time. Maybe I’m a little wider? I dunno. I’ve also gained 3 lbs. since then. What’s going on?

I’m having an ultrasound on Tuesday to take measurements of the baby’s size. Hopefully he’s OK and just playing hide n’ seek or something.

She said that since I’m tall, there is more room for him to stretch out. Also, she said my ab muscles are still pretty strong, and they could be holding stuff in and make it a little harder for her to get an accurate measurement.

So anyway. I’m hoping he’s growing ok. Prayers appreciated.

And my car seat? Might be too big! Rear-facing, it’s a tight squeeze in the back. We can only move the front seats up so far, ya know? Knees in the dash = bad. I’m taking it to a certified car seat technician on Friday to have an expert tell me if it can safely fit, or if I need to find a smaller seat. Arg.

Belly too little, car too little. I’m a little frustrated.

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4 Responses to “Belly too small, carseat too big?”

  1. What an icky kind of day! I’m sorry! Prayers headed your way for your sweet baby. And I certainly hope your car seat isn’t too big! You’ve looked so hard!

    Ariels last blog post..Redbox Code – October 6th

  2. you’re belly is probably fine. with both girls i measured big. with my first one they were talking about inducing in a few weeks. then she came early and was tiny. My second was perfect. I don’t understand how accurate belly measuring can be, Like she said you’re tall so he has more room. I’ll be praying though!! I really hope your car seat fits too!

    Jess last blog post..Comfort

  3. I’m sure everything will be fine with your baby boy! But we are praying. :-)
    Let us know how the US goes!!!

    Nicholes last blog post..With a cuppa Cold Java

  4. Hey there! So sorry about your news but don’t let it stress you out. My ob hasn’t measured me at all – I’ve read that a lot of Docs and MW don’t do it. Maybe he’s just about to have a huge growth spurt. I have been praying for you and I hope your sono puts your mind at ease. God is in control!!!

    Stacys last blog post..Which Jane Austin heroine are you??

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