Oct 07 2008

28 weeks and third trimester for sure!

Dear Baby,

I’m 28 weeks pregnant with you, which means you’re about 26 weeks (ish) old.  Even though we haven’t officially met yet, I feel like I’m starting to get to know you.

For instance, I know you have at least two hobbies: Wiggling and hiccups. One day not long ago, I counted three separate instances of you hiccuping. I hope it didn’t bother you too much. When I have hiccups, I just want to get rid of ’em. Supposedly, you having hiccups is a sign of your maturing nervous system and it’s a good thing.

By the way, my dad (your grandpa! Lol! Whoa, nelly) made up a song about hiccups, and he would sing it to my sister and I. We’ll sing it to you, too.

You seem coziest in my lower abdomen, usually way below my popped-out bellybutton. Yet, you have plenty of room to stretch out if you want. Sometimes, I feel you moving at my sides. Other times, you’re trying to tickle my ribs. I guess if you were mostly higher up, it might be more uncomfortable for me to take deep breaths. Instead, I get to go to the bathroom all the time, since you’re squishin’ my bladder.

I’ve decided I’m your “apartment” since I take care of the exterior (me) and your own living quarters are pretty much up to you, unless you need special assistance. By the way, you’ll be getting your eviction notice pretty soon. In nine weeks, you’ll technically be full-term. In 12 weeks, I’ll be 40 weeks pregnant, or at my official due date. If you choose to be a little slow to vacate the premises, your landlady will probably try to encourage you to leave. Please move out when you’re fully ready, but I’d really appreciate it if you came on your own. I’d rather not be induced, if ya don’t mind.

You do owe rent, but it won’t be due for a few decades. You’ll pay that by taking care of your wifey while she’s growing your child. Yes, my dear, that’s what we call the circle of life *cue Lion King theme music*.

Your daddy and I are really starting to get your room put together, sort of. I ordered your crib and mattress this week. I hope it’s cozy for you. After a frustrating time trying to sort through the bajillion different varieties, we settled on a decent-looking crib that was highly ranked by Consumer Reports. Let’s hope it doesn’t get recalled. Seems like that happens a lot.

We got you a foam mattress that’s also supposedly one of the top behbeh mattress choices out there. It’s ultra-firm and it weighs like seven or eight pounds. That ought to be nice when it’s 2 a.m. and your diaper explodes and I need to put new sheets on the bed.

Also, I ordered your car seat. It seems cozy enough. In theory, it’ll last you for a few years.

I’ve got a closet full of clothes for you already. I’m keeping track of it all in a spreadsheet so I know when I have enough of certain items. No offense, but I’m expecting you to be a messy baby, with lots of spit-ups, barfs, diaper explosions, and general baby goo. Go ahead and surprise me and be a neat, un-gooey baby, but I’m not holding my breath (except for when I’m changing those stinky diapers!).

Because of that, I anticipate needing to change your clothes a few times per day. I want to have enough clothing to be able to do your laundry no more than twice per week. You see, our laundry facilities are two flights of stairs below me. Laundry is an unfun chore. If we had our own washer/dryers, I think we could get by with fewer clothes.

This week, your daddy and I will attend our first Bradley method childbirth class. We hope to meet some nice people and learn how to help you be born.

Also, I’ll take a test to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes. I’m hoping I don’t, because if I have to go on a strict diet … oh man. For your sake, I’ll do it, but I’m not into diets.

Yay to us both for making it into the third trimester! This last bit is going to be something else. You’re going to grow a ton of that cute baby fat, and I’m going to plump up a lot. Watchoutnow.

See you soon! Be good.



2 Responses to “28 weeks and third trimester for sure!”

  1. What a cute letter! Sounds like everything is going great! How fun getting the nursery ready? You going to show us some pictures? :-)

    (oh, and just a tip on the hiccups – sometimes it can be a weird sensitivity to what you eat or drink. I think my first hiccuped all the time when I drank milk, and now he can’t drink cow milk ,so it makes sense. You may just want to jot down what you’ve eaten when you notice the hiccups a lot)

    Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Ups last blog post..Hippie Juice – Kombucha

  2. Ooh, I hadn’t thought about that and the hiccups. I’ll try to remember what I’ve consumed around those times, and I’ll bring it up at my midwife appt. tomorrow. Good idea!

    Right now, there isn’t really anything to photograph in the baby’s room (except for a big mess!) but the car seat arrived today! YAY!

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