Dec 05 2007

Guilty pleasures: 10 songs

I’m joining Andrew at Everybody Loves Coupons and I’m going to list some of my 10 favorite songs that count as guilty pleasures–you know, songs that you love but are sort of embarrassed to tell others about.

I have to admit, I agree with him on a few of his choices, namely “I love you always forever.” He was not worried about his reputation with the store clerk when he bought Meat Loaf’s two most classic CDs. They’re among your guilty pleasures, too, (right?) so I don’t even need to name them.

I stand by these songs. They’re great, classic, and will survive long after I’m gone. So what if they’re cheesy/embarrassing/ridiculous/whatever.

“Don’t Stop Believin'”–Journey. For awhile, the opening chords served as my ringtone. Then, my phone died.
“Don’t Fear the Reaper”–Blue Oyster Cult. Is it just me, or do you think of the SNL sketch every time you hear this song? Hi-lar-ious.

“Total Eclipse of the Heart”–Bonnie Tyler. So intense.  I wish I could be her for this song.

“Saturday Night”–Bay City Rollers. Ok I’m LOLing at this one. This catchy boppy beat also has video connections for me–this time for the Disney movie “Heavyweights.” Remember when they were “saving the dance”? Lolz!

“More than a Feelin'”–Boston. Maybe I’m just a sucker for catchy guitar riffs, but I can’t get enough of this song.

“Crazy Train”–Ozzy Osburne. So what? This used to get me moving when I had to run for miles and miles.

If your train has derailed, you could always try setting sail on the virgin sea.

“Come Sail Away”–Styx. I have their greatest hits CD and I think the entire thing could be classified as a “guilty pleasure,” but this song takes the cake for me.

“C is for ‘Cookie'”–Cookie Monster. Speaking of cake…I’m just about addicted to cookies, and this song makes me think about them.

I have a song on this list that mentions one letter, so how about one that mentions three?

“ABC”–Jackson 5. It’s a catchy song, even though a certain singer in that former band is now a complete weirdo.

“Build Me up, Buttercup”–I don’t know why this is on this list, but it is. Back to the snack foods, I guess. I’m hungry. I should get a snack.

You want to make a mix tape of all of these songs right now, I know.

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3 Responses to “Guilty pleasures: 10 songs”

  1. Awesome list, Kacie! Thanks so much for joining me on this! And I agree (and share your guilty pain) with a bunch of these, including Styx, which I totally should have included. I do take issue with Crazy Train though! I don’t think you can classify any Ozzy song as a guilty pleasure. :) But yeah, any Boston song (including More Than A Feeling) can probably fit in there too. Though it does straddle the “classic rock” line so you may be able to get away with it. Heh.

  2. I love so many of those songs! Journey-great choice. 😉 The Buttercup song-I used to sing that to my son was he was a newborn. Aww!
    Have a great day!

  3. What, I was sure you would mention Chicago!

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