Nov 18 2007

Unnecessary words

I’m about to write some unnecessary words. I apologize in advance.

I cringe when I see the word “currently” or “is currently” juxtaposed. Why? It’s redundant! The verb “is” means something in the present tense, happening now. So does “currently.”


The books are currently on sale.

No. Get rid of “currently” and you’ll save me from reading a word, and you’ll be saying the same thing. Especially since “on sale” usually means a temporary price cut–so you’ll know that the books won’t forever be on sale. You’re conveying a difference in time. Right?

“I’m going to the local drugstore, because it currently has a lot of free-after-rebate items.”

Slash “currently” since there’s no need for that word. Can you guess the other unnecessary word? It’s “local.” Everything is local. The local bookstore, the local restaurant, the local grocery, the local post office…etc. Why would you ever need to say “local” before a noun? Scrap it.

Instead, assume that this place is local to the writer. If the writer went to a non-local place, such as an outlet mall an hour from home, don’t you think he or she would state that this was not a local mall? Yep, I’d say so.

Another word to remove: Very.

Sometimes, people can use “very” and it would be necessary. But often, you can replace “very” and the following word with a more descriptive word.


“It is very cold.” Change it to “It is freezing” or “It is frigid” if that accurately describes the situation.

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4 Responses to “Unnecessary words”

  1. Yay! I was hoping your grammar knowledge would creep in eventually. I look forward to reading your “other blog” often! :-)

  2. Kacie,

    Would you consider taking over Language Arts in our homeschool? :)

  3. Lol sure thing 😉

  4. How about “free gift”?? That bugs the heck outta me! Aren’t all “gifts” free???

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