Mar 30 2014

Amelia is 6 months!

This has been the fastest six months ever. I’m amazed!

She didn’t have a checkup this month, because we are getting her shots at the health department, and because she is growing so well. Also, the doc said he feels like I know what I’m doing. Thanks, doc! We’ll be back for a checkup at 8-9 months.

So my measurements might be a little off, but the bathroom scale says she is 22 lbs. and 28″ long. That’s 1.5 lbs. bigger than Viv and 4 lbs. bigger than Jon at that age. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. She is a giant!

Size 4 disposables. Size 9-24m clothes, lol, depending on brand.

Her hair is a little bit lighter than it was at birth, a light brown.

She finally figured out how to roll from her belly to back and she thinks it is so fun to scoot herself around by walking her hands on the floor. I don’t want her crawlin yet! We need to get her a bell. She can sit unassisted for short periods but is a bit top heavy.

Haven’t started her on solids yet. Not in any hurry, but maybe later this month. Not looking forward to the poo.

We had a nasty stomach bug this week. First Johnny, then Vivie, then me. Vivie didn’t quite understand what to *do* when getting sick, so unfortunately the mess everywhere and on me pretty much guaranteed I was doomed. It was awful, and I lost a bit of weight though after a short time, I was able to keep fluids down and not get terribly dehydrated. I was worried about my milk supply but it seems to be ok. Also, Amelia didn’t get sick. Breastmilk is amazing.

Loves being worn in a baby carrier, but I couldn’t wear her the last two days because I was sick/weak. So sad :(

Amelia is the happiest, smiley-est, sweetest, squishiest baby. We love her so much!

*I typed this one-handed while she fell asleep while nursing. Love holding her. She is growing as we watch her sleep.

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Feb 13 2014

Things I use with my 3rd child

Wanted to mention while I had a moment — there are a few things I have for Amelia that I didn’t use for the other two:

A Tula soft-structured baby carrier. They’re pricey, but I can see why. Very comfortable for mama and baby! I still have my Ergo, but I’m only using it as a backup. I will probably sell it soon to fund a standard Kinderpack. I borrowed a preschool KP from my babywearing lending library and I loved it so much for back carries (didn’t try front, as it was either Viv or Johnny and that’s too tricky).

I think I like the design for back carries a little better in the KP, and the hidden hood. I’ve tried back carries in the Tula and it’s fine, but I like how the KP adjusts better.

I tried a wrapsody hybrid stretchy wrap, against the advice of a babywearing friend. She was right. I should have just gotten a woven if I wanted to try a long wrap. I’m currently trying to sell that one, too.

At this moment, I’m wearing Amelia in a Babyhawk (mei tai) on the front. I tried her in a high back carry the other day while making dinner, and it worked but I got slobbered on, big time. Also, it was achy for me after not long. I tried getting it as snug as I could, and I even re-tied it but no luck. I’ll hang onto the Babyhawk for awhile but sell it, eventually too.

To help with the drool, I bought some custom drool pads from a mom’s shop on Etsy. They’re reversible print and have little ribbon loops on them. So handy! I just velcro one over the carrier straps and Amelia knows just what to do.

I’ve also purchased a nursing necklace, just a wood bead thing. Has a wooden circle, and wood beads and some beads have crochet yarn on it. Cute and she holds onto it just like she’s supposed to, rather than pinch me. Heh.

I’m trying to sell off some of the baby stuff that Amelia has outgrown — small cloth diapers, those carriers, etc. She also has a LOT of outgrown clothing. I’m going to hold onto some of it to hand over to relatives/friends, and donate or consign the rest.

Let’s just say that preeclampsia three times is plenty, and I don’t know that I want to risk it again. If we change our minds, well, I’ll just get more baby clothes.

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Feb 13 2014

Millie-Moo at 4.5 months

Vivienne still likes calling her baby sister “Millie-Moo” so here’s her update:

I took her to the doctor at roughly 4.5 months for her well-baby visit. She was quite large, at 19 lbs. 7 oz. Her weight was way off the chart. Length was 25.75″ long. Growing so well! I’m really impressed with her size. She is a substantial baby for sure, but I miss the itty bitty version of her.

Milestones: She rolls from back to belly, from both directions. Sometimes she gets stuck laying on top of her arm and needs help. She hasn’t figured out how to roll from belly to back yet, and I think she’ll be less frustrated with life when that happens :).

She has such a cheerful temperament. Smiles for everyone and is just generally a happy little thing.

Naps only in a carrier or in arms. Whoops. Oh well, I’ll miss it when that doesn’t happen anymore.

She sleeps decently, waking a few times per night but settling quickly.

In size 6-12m clothing, depending on the brand. The 6s are a squeeze, and some 12m are a little loose. Most of the time, I have her in a warm sleeper at home instead of lighter-weight clothing. It has been a cold winter.

She’s got a lot of drool these days but I expect no teeth for a long time. Her spitting up has reduced a lot, though she still does it.

She likes to put things in her mouth — toys, fingers, washcloths, whatever she can get in her hands.

Johnny and Vivie continue to just love their baby sister to bits! They are gentle and playful with her. Amelia grabbed hold of Vivienne’s hair because she got too close, and I was impressed with Vivie for not lashing out, but just calling for help and holding still. If it were Johnny holding onto Vivie’s hair, you can bet she’d take him down.

K they are wanting lunch. Gotta go.

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Dec 09 2013

Amelia is 2 months, updates and etc.

Amelia! When you read my blog when you’re older (if you ever do), don’t be upset that there aren’t many posts about you. I didn’t blog much through my pregnancy with you and I have been really bad about blogging now. Life is busy that’s all — I’m busy taking care of you and watching you grow, rather than blogging. Ok? K.

So a few updates — Amelia is about 2.5 months old now. At her 2m doctor’s appointment, she was 14 lbs. 3 oz. and 23.5″ long. At one month she was 11 lbs. 2 oz. She’s even bigger than Vivienne was at that age, and they had the same birth weight!

She’s in size 2 diapers and 3-6m clothing.

Likes: being worn in a baby carrier, being held, watching her brother and sister, sticking her tongue out if we do it, smiling, sleeping.

Dislikes: being in her carseat! big dislike!! Just like her big bro and sister with that one.

Tolerates: her swing, for short periods (we usually put her in it while we’re eating dinner), bathtime

She has a little red birthmark hidden in her hair at the back of her head. Aww. Has some cradle cap, and some yucky reflux. Just will urp and urp. She is a happy spitter, and the doctor says she will grow out of it in a few months. Also, any medication probably wouldn’t help much and might cause side effects, so we’re skipping it since she’s not in pain.

I *think* she takes issue with dairy that I consume. And also she seems to not like me drinking decaff coffee or caffeinated tea. I like to start my mornings with some coffee, and even the decaff had enough to give me a little mental boost so I’m pretty bummed if it’s causing her issues. And now I’m really dragging. Ugh.

She sleeps pretty well at night, waking a few times to nurse and to fill her diaper, but usually without fully waking so it’s fairly easy to get her back to sleep. Most times. Some nights, she’s up for an hour or two for no apparent reason. Whaddya do.

Basically all of her naps are in a carrier or in arms. Part of me wonders if that’s going to be a huge problem when she’s older, but meh, we’ll deal with things as they actually become problems. I don’t mind her sleeping in my carrier. She sleeps really well there. I know older babies and even toddlers can also sleep really well in a carrier.

I am a lot more relaxed with her than I was with J&V. I just am seeing first-hand how fast this newborn phase is. I don’t think we’re in the newborn phase anymore — she’s huge and just looks like an infant to me now!

Her head control is ok, but she has a big ol’ head so it’s probably hard to hold it up. Heh. I don’t think she is as strong as Vivie was as this age, but I kind of think Vivie was a hulk baby and an exception.

I’m wearing her in my Baby K’tan, as it seems to be her favorite. But, she’s heavy (did I mention that? hah) and it’s quickly becoming too uncomfortable for us. I also wear her in a Wrapsody Stretch wrap and that’s going well. Way more comfortable, and yet I can put her in the same hold. I don’t think I’ll use that wrap while we’re out though, because it’s like 15 feet long.

I also now own a Babyhawk mei tai. Quick to put on, and reasonably comfortable.

Went to a babywearing meeting last weekend. WHY DID I JUST NOW FIND OUT ABOUT THESE!? I wish I knew about them with my other kids. Would have been so fun to try on other carriers and meet other babywearing mamas. Anyway, at the meeting, I tried on a standard Tula soft structured carrier, and as I suspected, I like it. So I ordered one and hopefully it’ll be here soon.

Vivienne likes being worn on my back now, and so I borrowed a preschool Kinderpack to wear around the house for short periods. I wore her while making dinner last night. She was getting fussy and fighty with Johnny, and putting her on my back was an instant mood-changer. Even though she’s 34 lbs., she felt much lighter in that carrier. YAY.


I started Amelia in cloth at I think 2 weeks. We used my newborn covers and kissaluv fitteds, and newborn prefolds for awhile. I use disposables at night, and usually while we’re out. But then, I realized I had way too many size 1 diapers and so I took a break for awhile from cloth while we used up the size 1s.

In the month that we used cloth, my water bill was $30 higher than normal. Uh. I’m not saying it was the extra laundry and all those rinse cycles — it could have been that plus a bathroom faucet left on for too long by one of my children. Or, who knows. I really hope it wasn’t just because of the extra laundry.

Either way, we’ll probably be done with cloth once I introduce Amelia to solids. I’ll hold off on solids as long as possible — definitely no sooner than 6 months, but maybe later. But yeah, I just have no patience for nasty poos on cloth diapers. We still have our diaper sprayer installed and it helps some, but ugh. I plop poopy diapers (even disposable ones) if it’s ploppable, but I’m not going to scrape at poop. Just…no more. Yuck.

Amelia is a happy baby for the most part, alert, cuddly, smiley and sweet. She is such a joy to have and we’re all thankful she’s in our family. Vivienne is fantastic with her. She just adores her baby sister! I hope that continues. Johnny is great with Amelia, too, but Viv is the one who is totally smitten. Oh and Viv has a nickname for her: Millie-Moo. Where that came from, I dunno. But that’s what she calls her.


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Sep 14 2013

Preeclampsia lurking once again

Well stink. It looks like I’m on the path to preeclampsia once again. I was so hoping to avoid it this time, but I guess it’s just not how I do the end of pregnancy :(.

I’m now 36 weeks pregnant with baby #3. She has been measuring right on according to fundal height this time, which is awesome since Johnny and Vivie both measured way small and there was concern over that. My blood glucose test was good at my checkups.

All of the things that didn’t go so well with my other two were cooperating this time, so I had my hopes up that maybe, just maybe, this was on track to be a normal pregnancy.

And then last Wednesday I had a regular prenatal appointment and I just felt sort of off. My weight was up 3 lbs. in 6 days which is sorta questionable. My BP at the office was fine — 122/75 or 80. No swelling and no protein in that day’s cup. I also met with the nurse practitioner since my OB wasn’t available (that’s only the second time that has happened, go figure). The NP wasn’t concerned.

After that appointment, and by the time the evening rolled around I decided I would call in the morning to leave a message for the OB about the weight gain and feeling off anyway.

Turned out, I didn’t need to do that, because I was getting some scary readings on my home blood pressure cuff starting around 10 p.m. These weren’t questionable like some of the 130s/89ish that I’ve had occasionally in recent weeks. These were more in the 148s/103 no ambiguity call it in and go to labor & delivery readings. Great.

I called my grandma (5 minutes away!) and she “happened” to be up reading. Hooray! She got down here pretty fast, and my mom also made the drive down and stayed the night and spent the day here, too. The kids were sound asleep, which was perfect. Shane and I headed into L&D and I was monitored.

My BPs were all over the place there. Some were worse, some were borderline ok, but for the most part they sucked. Not enough to have me stay — fortunately they did calm down on their own. They ran a full blood lab and urine lab, and we had to wait for those results before going home. All my labs were normal. We got home at 4 a.m.

So, I had an appointment with my OB later that morning around 11. My first BP at the office was 150/85. A trace of protein in the dip, though those can be fairly unreliable.

Waited/relaxed awhile, did some more BP readings and one was even 160/85. Danger! It did drop down before I left. I received a prescription for blood pressure medicine and the first of two steroid injections to help the baby’s lungs develop faster. I went back on Friday for the second shot and another BP check — this time with meds in my system and it was fine.

I’m going in on Monday for a non-stress test and another regular checkup. At that point, I hope it will be more clear what the plan is.

There’s a study that applies to my situation, and it says when there’s gestational hypertension, it’s best to induce at 37 weeks. That’s Friday the 20th for me. I hope I can stay safely pregnant that long, and at that point I do want to induce. It isn’t good for me or my baby to keep this going much longer — I am not going to get better until she is born, and she could really start being affected by this, too.

I am sick. I feel really lousy on these meds, and I feel really really lousy off them. I can’t really do much at home now. I tried unloading the dishwasher this morning not long after I took my medication and that was a mistake. Had to sit down for awhile and got to it later. I’ve been taking it easy all day, and managed a big afternoon nap while Shane took the kids to the park for 3 hours. Went to lunch with my grandma, and that was lovely.

It’s amazing to me just how fast this stuff can set in. You seriously can go from healthy blood pressures to dangerous levels in a few hours. Part of me wonders if I had some spikes like this with my other pregnancies, but just never caught them. I didn’t have a home blood pressure cuff with the others.

I don’t have the official preeclampsia diagnosis at this point, since the last labs that I’ve had haven’t been crazy with protein (preeclampsia is high blood pressure PLUS the presence of a certain threshold of protein in the urine, indicating kidney trouble). But even high blood pressure can be so dangerous for me and my baby.

So now, we wait. Wait and watch and my appointment Monday will be here soon, and if I feel like I need to go to get checked out ahead of that, I will.

I sort of expected this to happen, given my history. I just really hoped I would already be past that 37 week mark, or better yet already in labor like I was with the other kids. This waiting and watching thing stinks.

It’ll be baby time soon. I still need to pack my hospital bags and get some of those other to-dos accomplished. The bag is probably a top priority, I guess.




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