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I want to share this information with you because I want you to have a better sense of where we’re at, and what we’re working with. We all are in a different place, and it’s usually changing! I’ll update this page as relevant.

We’re in a good place right now. Our expenses are manageable and we don’t feel pinched, though we can’t just run out and buy whatever we want whenever we want.

It took a bit to get us to this point, though.

Shane and I graduated from college in May 2007. We got married that month, went on our honeymoon, moved 400 miles from family to Pittsburgh, PA, and started new jobs. It was a busy month.

We started out our marriage with roughly $20k in consumer debt (about $9-10k in credit cards and $11k on our car loan).

We got motivated and felt freedom with each dollar added in savings.  We completed our emergency fund in August 2008, and kept on building savings until our son Jonathan was born (December 2008). Then, we got to work paying off our car loan and became debt-free in May 2009. We chose to build up our full 6-months of savings before going after the car loan (but after we paid off our credit cards) because we were living on one income and I was pregnant with Jonathan.

Money-wise, we kinda just sat tight and did our thing for awhile. My daughter Vivienne was born in December 2010.

In April 2011, we were in what I called a holding pattern. We felt helpless in our situation, and felt stuck. We tried to move within Shane’s company, and were so frustrated that Shane’s employer wouldn’t approve an inter-company transfer so we could be closer to our extended family. It was a door closed. God opens windows though, and he sure did for us when only two weeks later, we learned we would be packing up and moving back to Indiana. I still get chills thinking about how that worked out.

Moving to an apartment sight-unseen was a bit crazy, but it was an adventure. I’m so glad we rented an apartment month-to-month while we were looking for a house. Sure, it was a hassle to move twice in a short period of time, but it was worth it because we didn’t buy the first house that caught our eye. That would have been a big, expensive mistake.

Not long after rolling into Indianapolis, we bought our van outright, and put 20% down on our mortgage. 2011 proved to be an expensive year, but it was worth it. There was a time to save, and a time to spend.

Now, we’re just living it. We’re enjoying the fruits of our hard work and sacrifices, and we’re keeping our eyes ahead. We want to be good examples for our children. We want to be good with the resources God has given us. Here’s to a good 2012.

The news that Shane’s company was being sold came on the morning of his job interview with another company. That led to some good prospects, and an even better job opportunity sprang up. We are in awe. The Lord has shown us that we can totally and completely trust Him — not that we really had any reason to doubt, but this is a good reminder for the years ahead that we serve a God who has a plan for us, and who knows what He’s doing!

Hey! I'm Kacie, wife and mother of 3. I write about my family's finance: how we save money, improve our spending, and plan for the future.

I hope I can inspire and encourage you to improve your situation. See disclosure.

I'm adopting a much slower-paced posting schedule, and treating this as a hobby blog now.

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