Welcome to my site! I’m Kacie, 28, and I live in Indiana with my husband and two children. I’ve been blogging here since September 2007, and I’ve learned a lot about personal finance along the way.

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I’m a planner and a dreamer. Case in point: When I was a teenager, I had a goal of going to Los Angeles for a taping of The Price is Right. I wanted to be a contestant, but it’s the luck of the producer’s pick. During my senior year of high school, I was burned out on track & cross-country, so I got a job as as a cashier at a drug store. I had a few purposes with this.

First, to save money for college (and I also got a company scholarship!). Second, to save money for my trip to Los Angeles. Third, to learn prices of things like Bean-O and Gold Bond.

I didn’t know if I’d get picked, but if I did, I hoped my retail knowledge would help me win a game.

We (my mom, grandma, and high school friend) didn’t even make it in the studio on my 18th birthday. We didn’t show up early enough. So, we went back the next morning even earlier — 4 a.m. We got in the studio, had a 30-second interview with the producers, and sure enough later on I was called to “come on down!” as a contestant.

Read more about that time I was on The Price is Right and see the YouTube clip

The moral of that story? Don’t just say, “Wow, that would be fun to do XYZ someday” and leave it at that. Make a plan and do it. Even if it doesn’t totally work out, at least you put forth a strong effort.

The same goes for managing your finances.

I think everyone can understand money matters. Some concepts sound more complicated (Diversifying investments? Drugstore deals?) but can be simple if you break it down.

That’s my aim here. To make simple and not-so-simple topics accessible to everyone.

We all spend money. We’re better off having a solid grasp of how to maximize our savings and investments, don’t you think?

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I’m glad you’re here!

Hey! I'm Kacie, wife and mother of 3. I write about my family's finance: how we save money, improve our spending, and plan for the future.

I hope I can inspire and encourage you to improve your situation. See disclosure.

I'm adopting a much slower-paced posting schedule, and treating this as a hobby blog now.

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