Dec 02 2016

How to Find the Perfect Agent to Save Money on Your Insurance

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Everybody needs to find ways to save in today’s economy, and that includes reducing the premiums you pay for your auto, home and life insurance coverage. If you have your healthcare policies, you need to cut the premiums on those as well. You might think that you’ll save money by shopping around for different carriers on your own, but you’d be better suited to discuss all of your insurance needs with an expert. He or she can find discounts you never knew about.

Do a Little Homework First

You’ll want to do a little homework before selecting the local insurance agent with whom you will work. Review your current policies to determine what coverage you have, and then find an agent in your neighborhood that specializes in this coverage. For example, if you own your own business and have a general and liability policy, you’ll want an agent who specializes in both personal and business insurance. You’re looking for an expert in what you need.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possible agents, contact each one and ask for client references. Speak with the agent’s customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the service they receive from him or her and the office staff. You should also research each agency online to see if there are any complaints on your local and state’s insurance authority websites and on popular review sites. These are places where people speak out, and the information can be invaluable.

Make Certain He or She Works in Your Area

With so many national companies advertising on television, it might seem odd to focus your search on a local insurance agent, but that is exactly what you should do. Where you live affects the types of coverage you’ll need, and you’ll want to work with someone who knows the neighborhood to get you the best savings. For example, if you live in Los Angeles, a Miami agent won’t understand the best earthquake policy; if you live in Miami, a Los Angeles agent is ill suited to get you hurricane coverage.

They Should Know Their Stuff

You might think working with someone who has 15-plus years in the insurance industry is a sure bet he or she will save you money, but you might be wrong. In this industry, years to do not mean a thing. What you want to see is that your agent knows his or her insurance products like the back of his or her hand and knows how to save you money with them. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been in business for one year or 100 years. They need to know their stuff.

Many people believe that getting their insurance directly from the insurance company rather than through an agent will save them money, but this is not necessarily true. Work with someone who is an expert in the industry. You’ll be surprised how much you will save on all of your insurance coverage. These people work directly with their contacts at the various carriers. Their primary goal is to get you the best deals on your insurance policies, whatever your personal or business needs may be.

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